Anger seethes in wake of crash

John Key
John Key
International anger and frustration is seething in the aftermath of the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines MH17.

Pro-Russian rebels, accused of allowing the looting of bodies as well as destroying evidence, continue to limit access to investigation and recovery teams.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, is facing the possibility of further sanctions as international leaders turn up the pressure on him.

While Mr Putin says he has urged rebels to co-operate, they say he had the necessary clout with the separatists.

The diplomatic escalation is turning into one of the most intense showdowns between Russia and Western Europe since the end of the Cold War.

The rebels are also accused of spiriting the weapons systems of the type used in the attack across the border to Russia.

They, in turn, say Ukrainian authorities are not interested in an objective investigation - that it is Ukraine that is thwarting the investigation.

The location of the plane's black boxes remains a mystery.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, whose nation lost 193 citizens on the flight, called TV images of victims' property being handled by unauthorised people ''downright disgusting''.

Malaysia's Transportation Minister Liow Tiong Lai said the the integrity of the site had been compromised.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is among other leaders ''deeply concerned'' by the lack of access to the crash site.

Dozens of bodies were put into refrigerated rail wagons last night, rail workers said.

A senior official from the rebels' self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic said all 196 of the bodies found so far had been loaded into the wagons.

No way connected?

Tony, You should keep up to date with international news. Israel and the US have good reason to be unhappy with Malaysia and could quite easily be taking it out on their national carrier. See here

There are many other articles on this topic if you google it. 

Putin's Russia

'Gordond',I cant help thinking you're delving into the realms of fantasy with your spin on the American and Israeli intelligence agencies. Of course Putin would not directly order or encourage the destruction of a large passenger aircraft, but his regime, it appears, supplied the means and personnel to do just that. Putin is quite happy to let the destabilisation of eastern Ukraine by pro-Russian rebels continue, hopefully resulting  eventually in an expansion of Soviet territory. The Israeli/Palestine situation is in no way connected with this matter.

Obvious ploy to discredit Putin

I'm "deeply concerned" by how corrupt the media is. Putin was immediately blamed in top headlines for this despite there being no evidence and certainly no motive.

Those that do benefit are Ukraine (i.e. the US puppet govt of Poroshenko) the USA and EU. Also Israel have a great deal of attention taken off the ground invasion of Gaza which coincidentally happened right at the same time.

Creating staged disasters (false-flags) for political and economic gain is an often used tool of the CIA and Mossad. The many discrepancies (such as lack of motive, the fact that any missile operator would first ID any target, and also a near identical plane has gone missing a few weeks earlier) are forcefully pasted over using tried and true media propaganda tactics.

Putin is one of the few word leaders that don't grovel to the banking cartels and they hate him for it.


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