Ranfurly's Shield has been refurbished - but his grave needs some work

I was interested to read that the Ranfurly Shield has been refurbished and is now ready for the next 100 years. What a shame that the grave of its instigator, Earl Ranfurly - one time Governor-general of New Zealand - hasn't much prospect of being repaired.
His grave is situated in the disused and neglected Lansdown Cemetery, near Bath, in England. It is in a very sorry state, as are virtually all the graves and tombs around it.

The local authorities keep the place 'safe' by knocking down any headstones, crosses and memorials which become unstable, but no-one takes responsibility for the proper upkeep of the cemetery.

The attached photos show the rapid dilapidation of the site over the past few years: the first picture shows the grave in a still recognisable state in February 2009, and the other photo shows it in August 2011.

Is there anyone on your side of the world with the money to return it to a respectable state?

Ranfurly a good bloke

If the Earl gave us the Shield and founded 'Forry's' Maniototo, I might chip in too.


I could not disagree more with the last correspondent.  Why anyone would not be prepared to recognise the efforts of our earliest benefactors is beyond me.  However, when I learnt of what had befallen to Lord Ranfurly's grave I contacted the English authorities and offered to financially assist. I am still waiting for a reply.....

NZ not responsible for tending English gravesite

This is a sad state of affairs, but are you seriously asking our side of the world to come up with the dosh? Governors General represent the British Crown. Ask UK heritage people, or the Bath and Wells Council. It is a bit astonishing that you have linked the Ranfurly Shield with the Earl's forlorn gravesite, 10 thousand kilometres from New Zealand.