Retail in Dunedin

Having returned from a holiday up North, which included Auckland, we were dismayed to see how Dunedin had changed in the intervening time we were away.

The Meridan Food Court seems to have lost two significant food outlets: Gloria Jeans and Ma Higgins, thus reducing the Food Court significantly, particularly for those who just want a sandwich and a tea or coffee.

Looking around it seems that more and more businesses are closing in Dunedin. This is not good at all for Dunedin, which is not a place where there is an abundance of choice as it is.

Wouldn't it be lovely if the Council could encourage new businesses to start up in Dunedin; perhaps through their system of consents, to promote Dunedin as a more vibrant, stimulating place to be? 

Encouragement from Council

Having returned from a holiday down South, which included Winton, I believe that instead of encouraging new business via consents as the author has suggested, Ma Higgins and Gloria Jeans would possibly still be trading if the Council had run workshops on "how to make good food and coffee".

Dunedin offers an abundance of choice as far as eateries go so the closure of a couple of relatively insignificant operations is hardly hearalding the demise of this great city.


There's no Mrs Carr's Cake Kitchen or Cotillion Dance Band any more.


If that's all you have to whinge about after time away, then you have nothing to worry about.

Gloria Jeans or Ma Higgins - give me strength!

Dunedin is a beautiful vibrant city as it is.