Pope resigns - Nostradamus and St Malachy predictions

The prophecies of both Nostradamus ( French Predictor ) and St. Malachy ( Irish Seer and Prophet ) have both pointed to a definitive number of Popes before the end of the world. 

The late Pope John Paul 11  was supposedly the Third Last Pope. 

The current Pope Benedict XV1 has just announced his retirement.

The next, and some feel the very last, Pope is thought to be a contest between Gianfranco Ravasi, the current Culture Minister for the Vatican, and Angelo Scola, the current Archbishop of Milan. 

St. Malachy has described the next Pope as being a "Peter The Roman" personality. 


(Peter the Roman)  "In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy   Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge the people. The End." 

Why has no one picked up on these prophecies and why are we not screaming them from the rooftops?

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Malcolm Glen


End of the world

Yeah, it's coming all right. Won't have anything to do with global warming or any religious rantings though. North Korea is where it's at.

The Uncertain Supernatural

Yours is an interesting post, as it relates to mystic beliefs of Spanish Catholicism, not widely held in NZ. According to ewtn.com, the Church has neither approved nor condemned the 1960s 'apparitions' of San Sebastian de Garabandal.

Last Pope and end of world prediction

I don't believe the end of the world is coming. I think a big change is coming. The garabandel event has not yet taken place. The three girls are still alive and when this permanent link from heaven and earth arrives, after the world stops for 5 minutes, everyone on earth will amend their ways.

This event will change the world forever.

The world will not end until all the Jews recognise Jesus as the messiah. This will not happen until Israel and Palestine unite as one.

What is Garabandel you ask? Depending on your religion, eg Christian/Catholic, Jesus will speak to you when this 5 mins world time stop happens and you will feel all the pain that you have caused someone in your wrongdoing.

Non Christians eg Jews/Muslim will think Jesus who is talking to them is God or Allah. And so on for everyone.

I don't think this event is too far away now.

Peter the Roman

"Pope Francis is "Peter the Roman" by virtue of the fact that he is the first Jesuit pope whose motto is based on the Benedictine motto of 1 Peter"

Please can you explain this further. I do not understand your wording / thought process.

Liberal churchgoing

Some Christians like to avoid fundamentalist churches that emphasise the end of the World, ozdawn.

The Prophecy fulfilled:

1. "Glory of the olive" still resides/sits in Rome as Pope Emeritus, His Holiness, Benedict XVI.

2.  The Church has been in a state of persecution and crisis with who knows how much more to come.

3.  Pope Francis is "Peter the Roman" by virtue of the fact that he is the first Jesuit pope whose motto is based on the Benedictine motto of 1 Peter - in the same manner as "Glory of the olive" refers to the motto of Benedict.

4.  St. Francis is considered the ultimate minder of the flock.

5.  Pope Benedict was the first pope to receive the Ring of St Peter after it was re-instated by John Paul II who did not wear the ring.

6.  Contrary to traditional custom and belief, Benedict did not destroy his ring as he should have but instead simply "disabled the seal" so he could keep the ring.

7.  Pope Francis will now wear the same ring as Pope Benedict enjoining them both to St. Peter at the same time - something that has never happened in the history of the Church!

8.  The prophecy of popes 111 and 112 are meant to be taken together and not separately as these events unfold.

9.  Pope Benedict as Glory of the olive retired but is not gone and "there will sit - In the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church."

10. Pope Francis as Peter the Roman was appointed to "pasture his sheep" in the many tribulations to come...The End!

To answer your question

Because no one goes to church anymore and "God is dead" as far as the English-speaking countries are concerned!

Pope Gone Shock. Petrus Romanus Probe

Is it not time to retire this millenarian tract?