Who can we turn to if Ombudsman ignored?

Who can we turn to if Ombudsman ignored?

If an Ombudsman's report on senior MFat officials can be effectively ignored, what hope for redress do less powerful citizens have, asks Prof Andrew Geddis.

Selfie generation quite happy to ignore others

Rather than self-assertion, Jesus requires self-denial, writes Adam Dodds.

Tb testing important for food safety

Tb testing important for food safety

The recent suspension of raw milk sales has prompted questions about the accuracy and stringency of Tb testing for cattle. Dr Paul Livingstone explains the science behind bovine Tb testing.

Long live the night class: pressure-free learning for pleasure

Night classes have always been a marker of really having your life together, for me. When I think of night classes I think either of people who eat organic vegetables and collect art, or of people who do one thing during the day but value their extracurricular interests highly enough to give up their evenings.

Maori economy cannot be ignored

In a column in April, I wrote about diversity of thought on boards and asked the question: why on earth do we have no Asian representation on any of our largest agricultural companies when our largest export market is China.

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