Jesus and the Port Chalmers barkeepers, circa 1990

Ron Gilder writes about the God who surprises.

Significant to have found gene with link to obesity

Significant to have found gene with link to obesity

This week a group based at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, reported their discovery that a gene called CREBRF is important in obesity in people living in Samoa. University of Otago professors Tony Merriman and Dave Grattan explain why this work is important and how it can contribute to efforts to combat obesity.

Stadium's success enviable

Stadium's success enviable

When it comes to attracting headline music acts, Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin is punching well above its demographic weight, writes Murray Stott.

Africa should be large part of NZ's future plans

I learnt what global convergence meant recently. It's a term I had heard before but hadn't understood until I heard New Zealand businessman, Stephen Jennings, speak at a New Zealand Initiative event.

DCC rates policy may be unfair to Pakeha landowners

The Dunedin City Council's decision to develop a rates remission policy to take into account the special relationship Maori have with the land is interesting, writes Gerrard Eckhoff.

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