John Wilson Drive

Sunday afternoon John Wilson Drive - 50 people walking, 5 jogging, children riding scooters and bikes and 300 metres of parking available for those that want to park and enjoy the view, which is unobstructed and better (in my opinion) that being able to park at the top of the drive as it has high fences. 

A win win for all.

Liberty to drive is not a natural right in NZ law.

This is an interesting point. When something is designated a 'road', then the public does indeed have a right of access and this goes way back in English law when all traffic was by foot/horse or carriage. However, the effects of fast moving motorised traffic are quite different and current NZ law takes this into account.

Qiuoting from an article on the NZ Land Transport Agency website: In a 1981 case, the New Zealand Court of Appeal rejected a claim that the law gave individuals an absolute right to use motor vehicles, stating that the 'liberty to drive' is not a natural right  ... see

John Wilson Ocean Drive

John Wilson Ocean Drive, is exactly that - it is a drive, not a walkway. Visitors to our city must think we are a dopey lot, when on the map it states it is a drive but when they arrive they have to walk or bike it.

A few selfish people are just getting their own way. They want to have the road (which is for cars) to themselves, and be able to walk the beach if they choose to. Too jolly bad for those who can't.

There is far, far too much, of the "tail" wagging the "dog" in this city. What has happened to democracy?

I was born in this City 63 years ago and have lived here all my life, so why should I now be forced to walk (even though I am more than capable of doing so) to enjoy this view if I don't wish to ? I should have a choice, as should everyone else.

How long

How long since this reader has been up there? The mesh fence has not been there for months, so they haven't seen all the people enjoying the environment in it it's present form.

John Wilson Drive

I am of the older generation and I cannot access the beach because - like many of us - I cannot climb back up the sand dunes. The view from the Headland is only accessable if you can get out of your car and step over the  barrier, and how many of the old and infirm could do that?

The view along the coast is the same from anywhere, so nothing wrong with parking where it is possible now. Who says the car brigade are not 'me first'?

A sad situation

It is a delightful drive, due East from St Kilda to Lawyers Head, flanked on one side by the wild ocean and the other by the Chisolm Park golf links, terminates at a turnaround lookout where you could park and feast your eyes on a view that many cities would go to war over. It was closed. Why? In the interests of public safety, whilst  contractors executed the installation of the sewage pipe outfall extension. Seems reasonable.

The contract is completed, the road is reopened. No?  DCC staff tell us it would cost nearly $500,000 to reopen. What? Can this be true? Well, "we need to control vehicles and cyclists in order to protect pedestrians. And then we need to build fences... "

Then the public divides on the issue and we have months of media comment. The elected council spends interminable hours deliberating  - at what cost? - and finally it is to remain closed. How sad.

One could be forgiven for thinking that it might all have just been a diversionary tactic by staff to hide the real problems of the city from council and the public. Well, it certainly worked. The city is bankrupt, deeply in debt, unable to meet its interest obligations, still borrowing and spending as though there was no tomorrow, and all they can do is argue over an existing road. We truly live in a 'Disneyesque' city. [Abridged]

RWC time now let's see where can we go

Rugby World cup is coming and with it will be thousands of visitors from all over the world. There used to be a couple of really nice places that you could go and see our harbour and beautiful coast line up close. One now has a row of rotting teeth slowly turning yellow with the weather to admire and the other a lovely mesh fence to block access.

Oh they'll be talking about Dunedin when they get home for sure. When they are talking about all of the lovely things that they saw while in Otago the decaying teeth and the views you can't get to will stand out as the low lights of their visit. Unlike the unfortunate residents of Christchurch who have lost some of their spectacular attractions due to the earthquakes, we don't need mother nature to destroy our assets you can rely on the council and its members to do it all for her.


There are countless places to go walking in or near Dunedin, which is great. Particularly in respect of mini-buses from rest homes and the infirm I can see how the drive would make a difference to quality of life.

I don't understand the cost argument to reopening the drive. Surely the barriers can just be taken away. A morning's work. Not much ever needs to be spent maintaining the road which would be fine rough and potholed. Boy racers won't be a problem either - burn outs and drag racing along there could be rewarded with car confiscation and crushing on the first offence. Just needs to be clearly advertised and enforced.

Win-win, for all?

Yes, a win-win for all, except for those whose infirmities make it impossible to walk to the lookout and back, or those passengers on the numerous mini-buses which used to be able to take the occupants of various rest-homes in the city on one of the more meaningful excursions which they are now denied, in favour of pandering, yet again, to the the endless 'wants' of the 'me-first' generation. It will be 'win-win', only when the Drive is restored to access during the 'daylight' hours, and, possibly closed-off at night, with some consideration being given to longer opening hours during the summer period of half-light until 10pm, so that it may be enjoyed in the evenings, as well.

Those who have the option of all but the 'wheeled' modes of transport, have the alternative of the beach at most tides, but lack the imagination to see that it is a much more enjoyable stroll at beach-level, than the plod on hard tarmac along John Wilson Drive. This is not about the 'quality' of the experience, it is about its exclusiveness to certain segments of the population which think their 'rights' pre-empt all others.