Bad behaviour by rugby fans sadly true

The front page story on rugby fans was correct.

The importance placed on rugby by the media in this country leads the fans to think they can do what they want " because it's our game".

This includes drinking themselves into a stupor. It also I'm afraid leads them to sharing the sounds and smells of certain body functions with all and sundry! This includes nurping, farting, and peeing in front of women and children - nice!

Then comes the language. People wanting to watch the game are subjected to a barrage Fs, Bs and Cs about the opposition, the ref and other supporters - nice!

I was at the England - Georgia game the other night and the lack of all of the above made it a far more pleasant experience than games involving Kiwi teams Im afraid, sorry but true.

This world cup is going along nicely, it would be a shame if our visitors go home with a vision of a pissed, burping , farting, swearing rugby fans, instead of the good things NZ offers.

Just as an aside, I was asked by an English fan if NZ wanted to win the world cup or just the money visitors bring, as the news was full of speculation on how much the country would make. Old poker adage " don't count the money at the table" not a good look!