Forsyth Barr Stadium

I am originally from Scotland but reside in Wanganui.

I have been visiting freinds in Dunedin and had the pleasure to get to the game on Friday against the Chiefs.

The Stadium and the atmosphere is one of the best I have ever encountered anywhere in the world, so it surprised to me to hear that there are nay sayers in Dunedin that do not believe money has been well spent and that you now have a white elephant.

From an outsider's perspective, this stadium really puts Dunedin and the Otago region on the world map for hosting sports and entertainment events.

It has excellent facilities that rise above the antiquated stadiums in other parts of New Zealand and the rest of the world.

The economic and social benefits from this raised profile should really be considered by the nay sayers as a much needed injection of new money into local businesses and community. I'm sure in these strained ecconomic times a few extra dollars is always welcome.

So, Otago residents get in behind this fantastic stadium, get the owners to bring events which you want, whether its sport, concerts, etc.

You really have a gem that should be polished and shown off to New Zealand and the world.

Stephen Thorburn

World class

Positive feedback on the stadium is always good to hear, it is a  world class venue and generates an atmosphere that would match many of the great stadia. There will always be people who don't embrace  which occurs any where in the world. That's what makes it interesting.


Stadium needs cash or it will become a Titanic

Dear Mr Thorburn

I'm sure your comments on Dunedin's stadium are well meaning.

The accounts for the stadium however simply tell an unrelenting truth for which no accountability is being taken by our council (stadium councillors need to resign).

Please feel free to donate some hard cash to the Dunedin stadium as such action would be far more effective than comments.

Of course he'd say that

Mr Thorburn is, of course, one of those people who can afford to be 'blown-away' by it all; knowing, as he does, that he could afford his visit, partly at the cost of ratepayers who must, necessarily, subsidise the ticket-prices of every loss-making activity, (and I'm awaiting convincing proof that there has been any 'other' as yet, or ever will-be), but knowing, at the same time, that his are not the pockets to be plundered, to pay for his 'enjoyment'.

Lucky old Mr Thorburn. Unfortunately, there are those of us, only 53,000 in number, of whom the overwhelming majority would not agree.

Stadium Management South Africa

I found a great and recent resource interview with Stadium Management South Africa in a Q&A format.  This explains many issues revolving around making "white elephant" stadiums profitable or able to pay their own way.  Many of the issues are remarkably similar to our situation here in Dunedin.  This is not a negative slant on our own stadium, but a good read for those who are concerned about the cost of our stadium to the Dunedin ratepayers and the options we may explore regarding its future.  In reading this, bear in mind that FIFA were apparently calling most of the shots (not the ones at goal).  So they have an entity called Stadium Management South Africa - could this be something we as a country should be considering? >> Read the interview here

equal rights to say what you want.

Roadwarrior. I equally can say what I like within reason that doesn't include defamation or crudity. I can point out to someone, like Stephen, where I think his thinking is misplaced.  I can equally say his view is jaundiced because he doesn't have to bear any responsibility for the consequences of building the white elephant.

I suspect your are more a stadium proponent than what you let on. Your post comes across as a thinly disguised 'let's move on' and not examine 'how the stadium came about' and thereby arrive at the truth and bring justice forward. 

Like a bad penny...

How ironic for you, Stephen Thorburn, and your unsolicited, spontaneous and well intentioned comments on our stadium, that one of your aforementioned "naysayers" should "turn up".

To 'digger' - how dare you in effect tell someone to "mind their own business because they're not from here so what would they know". It has nothing to do with you what anyone else may think and feel fit to post on here. Anyone with any maturity would have read it, mentally disagreed with it and moved on without having to have a 'dig'.

I, for one, Mr Thorburn thank you for taking the time to post this and am glad that you loved the experience, you aren't the first to say similar things. I personally don't agree with how the stadium came about, but I do think it is an amazing facility now that it is here. I remain ambivalent, or melancholic if you will, but do adamantly believe that anyone should be able to post a topic on here without being subject to this kind of response.


From afar

One of the difficulties commenting from afar is that you are not aware of all the facts and figures at hand to do with the stadium's viability. Of course, you don't have to pay for it either or see other opportunity costs that impinge on our community.

I wouldn't dare to comment on what is 'good' for Wanganui either. That's your residents' business. Not mine.