What planet is the teachers' union on?

A Dunedin intermediate school will close for half a day, 450 children will lose half a day of education, and parents will lose half a day of work (costing around $40,000), just so a couple of dozen teachers can go to a union meeting.

The union tells us it is concerned about children's education, family poverty etc. Their actions make a nonsense of their claims.


Teachers that planet

Correct, Rob, mine was a somewhat oblique response to earlier anti teacher comments by photonz, poster of 'What planet are teachers on'. Neverpay = Novopay. A non teacher, I am appalled that some are virtually working for nothing.


Not sure exactly what you mean Rawlinson, but by some measures we currently have the http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-20498356)">8th best education system in the world  ... so teachers seem to be doing something right. Since union meeting have been part of this system for a very long time now, they must in someway contribute to this ranking ... unless you believe we would be number one without unions holding us back? In which case, I'd very much like to see what evidence you have.

Planet Neverpay

Hadn't you heard?