Once again pathetic catering at stadium

Why should I be surprised that nothing changes in Dunedin?

Unless it was a ploy again to herd us like cattle at the rodeo event on Saturday!

You have to ask why again we are met with long lines of people wishing to buy overpriced drinks with just one outlet open to serve almost 7000 people.

It's crazy that you have to wait up to 30 minutes to buy food and drink.

The whole structure and management from in charge should be asking questions why we have to wait so long to get served and then wait again while just four cashiers take our money with wine at $9 a bottle gets handed over without even a glass.

Staff behind running round like headless chickens seemingly doing nothing.

I have been to large football stadiums catering up to 70,000 and never experienced such poor service!

The word appalling and I won't be back springs to mind.

You have had long enough to sort the fiasco out. 


Catering contract

Compass by name... minimum wage payers are they... English, multi national... kick them out! give the job to a local firm! 

Word spreads fast

Heaps of comments all over Facebook and other social media about what a great night and good event,  but all of them ended with same comments about the terrible food/beverage organisation and dreadful sound quality.  Lucky tickets were so badly priced...would hate to think what would have happened had the crowd been larger.