International rodeo a shambles!

That was my first rodeo attendance and I think it will be my last. Both me and my son walked out of the stadium after 75 minutes.

The occasion was marred by the pungent stench of animal poo which was most off-putting for the appetite.

The sound was unhearable which made the attempts of the MC and associated performers to entertain and inform the crowd near impossible.

Surely it would make sense to have the speaker system suspended from the top facing down towards the audience?

The last straw was the treatment of the animals. We saw a horse get its head slammed in a gate as it tried to bolt out of the pen it was lured into after its buck.

Another horse took a tumble during the barrel riding. Lastly we saw a cow jumped upon and have its head nearly twisted off in an attempt to get it off its feet and onto the ground.

It looked terrible, smelled terrible and sounded terrible! 

Also as we the left we noticed the huge amount of empty and broken remains of binge drinking outside the front of the stadium. A poor showing for an international stadium trying to gain credit as an all purpose venue.


Clearly kdad took a wrong turn on the way to the Fortune Theatre and ended up at the stadium.
Complaining about a rodeo cowboy "bull-dogging" a steer is a bit like going to the opera and moaning about the fact that all the lyrics are in Italian.
Shame about the smell from those pesky animals too.  Maybe they should be house trained, although I certainly wouldn't be volunteering to rub a rodeo bull's nose in a pile of it's own poop.



Outdoor vs indoor rodeo

I'm not sure if an outdoor rodeo would stink as bad since the fumes could simply drift away. Inside a closed stadium there was nowhere else for it to go but straight up the nostrils! May as well set up your next family dinner in the toilet and eat in there.

Rodeo odour

Gosh, whoever would have thought it would smell like animal poo. I mean, come on . . .