Cruise ship business

Recent redundancy has seen me with time on my hands and I have been intrigued to watch in the Octagon cruise ship passengers getting off buses.

One thing that struck me was the unprofessional look of the local workers greeting and directing them.

I presume they are employed by council. A few of them looked like they had just come down from a hard days felling timber in the forest!

Any Marketing 101 student will tell you how important first impressions are.

Why isn't the council ensuring a smarter uniform look?

An expense I know, but surely worth it given the potential  for earnings from the cruise market.


Who benefits from cruise ships?

Can dunmac or anybody else enlighten me about who actually financially benefits in Dunedin from cruise ships? For example, do the "cruisers" personally pay a bus fare to the driver? If so, how much? Can any bus company turn up at a cruise ship and collect fare-paying passengers? If not, why not? Does the Taieri Gorge Railway charge cruisers and if so, how much? How much does Port of Otago benefit in wharfage costs in a year from cruise ships, and how much is plowed back to improve cruise ship passenger facilities?