I have to concede, sv3nn0, that it is not 100% about entertainment. Yes, there is the competitive and social elements for the participants/competitors and their friends and families. And I even have to respect the courage of the people who ride the animals.

The entertainment comment was mainly in reference to the international rodeo, which was organised and promoted as an event for the general public to attend. So I would maintain that entertainment is definitely the main reason for a big rodeo like this.

However, I totally maintain the "rodeos were cruel and brutal displays of dominance that left animals terrified and, in some cases, injured or needing to be euthanised." comments.

I have seen video footage of NZ rodeos, including the international rodeo, in which animals are seen with injuries and are clearly and obviously stressed and terrified. That's enough reason to ban them in itself.

I would also re-assert that not many people would oppose rodeos being banned. Yes, 7,500 attended. (Although they had hoped for 15,000). But the promoters had to give away thousands of dollars of tickets just to get that number. ( - "Mr Tombleson said he had given away more than $40,000 worth of rodeo tickets ")

Many of those people would have seen it as just a day out, and would not be passionately opposed to a ban, if at all.

Rodeos have completely been banned in the UK and other parts of Europe, also parts of Australia and the USA, other parts of the world, and closer to home, in Auckland. Dunedin has banned circuses with exotic animals from being held on public land.

I used to attend rodeos as a child and teen, but as I got older I could see them for what they were: i.e. Animal abuse, and I stopped going. I have been a freezing worker, I have hunted and killed animals. I am no bleeding heart city boy. But now I am Vegan and an animal advocate. I have seen both sides of the equation up close and personal, and I know which side I prefer.

It's all about choosing the option which causes least harm. We can have entertainment and bring money into the city, without the cruelty. Elton John, Crusty Demons, The Rugby World Cup, and soon (apparently) Paul Simon are all great uses for the stadium. But until the government bans rodeos altogether, let's leave the cruelty out of our city.

The DCC does have input into what events can be held on public land. And frankly I would be alarmed if they didn't. These resources belong to the Dunedin ratepayers and the council are our representatives.

Let's cut the cruelty. Let's commit to being a civilised, decent, progressive city. Let's ban rodeos here. [abridged]