Lousy driving and no road sense

Anyone else had several near misses in their car on the way into work this week? I have. Is this "close your eyes and drive like it is a Playstation game" week?

Common sense and defensive driving seem to have gone out the window. I have lost count of how many times I have had to slam on the brakes as a car or van has pulled out without looking, or stopped suddenly in the middle of the road as they have seen a Mini-sized park they think they can squeeze their monster truck into. Other drivers have sailed through Give Way and Stop signs like they had not seen them.

I have even ended up in the gutter to avoid people stepping out into the road texting without looking to see if any vehicles was bearing down on them - and I get an obscene gesture from them, as I was obviously going way too fast (30kph) while I dodged the double-parked cars, cyclists, other pedestrians who were looking and all the other road hazards.

I would take the bus - if it came on time. I lived in larger cities for years before coming to Dunedin and I am sorry to say that compared to these busier places, this town has no road sense.

Please - slow down, look where you are going and be a little more courteous on our roads.

This week alone I have had two acidents

This week alone I have had two potential injury accidents where drivers have hopped out of their cars without checking for traffic.

And clearly roundabouts and indicators are to confusing for the average Dunedin driver including taxis.

Situation normal

Just another day In Dunners. On tuesday, I followed a taxi going North on Cumberland st where it has just been resealed and the cycle lane widened. The inside of the taxi's rear wheel would have been 10-12 inches inside the cycle lane. Outstanding effort from a so called professional driver.


Agree with both, as drivers today are completely hopeless and should not be on the road. I have even noticed so called professional divers on our roads (taxi drivers) also have no idea what indicators are…….or speed limit. Oh! And where are the Police when we need them?


Hear, hear

I wholeheartedly agree - it's like the art of common sense is lost on the average driver in this town.

While we're on the subject - the stick on the right hand side of the steering wheel, the one with the headlights on it (usually).  It moves up and down.  It's called the indicator.  It tells other people on the road that you're about to turn or change lanes.  You're supposed to use it well in advance of doing so, so that other drivers can give way, exercise right of way, or execute their maneuvers as required.