Is raising the driving age from 15 to 16 the right move?

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Further restrictions

The other issue which is a big problem here is the horsepower available to young, inexperienced drivers. Today, we have a whole generation with easy, unobstructed access to high-powered cars, and they do not possess the skill to drive them safely. Raising the driving age should only be the beginning. Further restrictions on engine size & power available to drivers under the age of 20, plus increased fines & deterrents for non-compliance are needed if we are to seriously address this country's appalling young driver fatality rate.

Driving age

I have considered this question many times over the years. Its answers will never satisfy all. I think the main issue here is safe driving skills. When getting a license back in late 60s-early 70s you were taken through a defensive driving courses.
It is not the age because some 15 year olds has the skills and right attitude to driving.
Consider this; when you are behind the wheel you are no less armed to maim or kill than a soldier. You are in control of a deadly machine. It is your responsibility to make sure your are driving that machine safely. Most people do not learn skills such as driving on wet roads, ice and snow until they are face to face with winter conditions.
Hence you have novice drivers in a unfamiliar situation. Knowledge is paramount to safe driving.
The other issue is that of visitors to our country. Many come from countries where they drive on the right in left hand drive vehicles. Once again this places a question of driver skills and knowledge at the forefront.
In short, it is not age but knowledge and skills tested off on on the roads in or by training institutions .