What's the ideal New Zealand population?

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Auckland can't take too many more?

They all seem to move to Auckland for some reason.

Increased population? But where?

It seems to be forgotten that a very large area of New Zealand is uninhabitable.  We require land and resources to look after ourselves, even with modern technology the ability of the land to do so is ultimately limited.  Already our near neighbour Australia has passed that state, with the population restricted to mainly the coastal fringe, lack of water and now land degradation.  Australia can safely support a population of around 15 million, here we are luckier, perhaps 5 million, no more.

Larger population

NZ is never going to be a China or an India, but it could grow to maybe half the size of Australia, and then maybe expats would start returning rather than having 50,000 a year leaving.

It's how the cake is divided

Gregglies. Trying telling that to regular people like Mr and Mrs Wong in China or Mr and Mrs Singh in India about the advantages of a larger population. Large population doesn't mean preosperity for all. Prosperity for all, or more, is dependent on how evenly the cake is divided up.

The population needs to grow

Having lived in Britain and Australia there are a lot of advantages to having a larger population. While it may drive up the price of housing, it drives down the price of everything else, making the overall cost of living much cheaper. More ratepayers also means a smaller share for each ratepayer to pay off the indebted city's assets; meaning effectively we may have already signalled that as a city we need more people.