How do you rate Dunedin's new year fireworks display?

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Impersonating Gordon Jackson and Jackie Chan

It is hard to keep up with the cultural constructs of Dunedin, NZ. We might market as the 'Edinburgh of the South', then the 'Shanghai of the South' to entice the communist Chinese, and Las Vegas, maybe. Id prefer the New Orleans of The South, but gras chance. Dunedin is smack dab right here, not twelve thousand kilometres away.

It's all in the context

By comparison with the ridiculous splurges on the Stadium, 'Toitu', Chinese Garden, etc. $10,000 is a drop in the bucket. However, against the background of Council Departments being asked to make small economies where possible, it might well be a significant amount.

If affordable, I think the fireworks are a good idea. Are we not the 'Edinburgh of the South', making it fitting that we should observe one of the most popular of Scottish traditions? On the other hand, if the proposed 27-storey hotel goes ahead, (and don't put money on it not doing so), we will likely be seen as the 'Las Vegas of the South', making New Year's Eve just another night of the year, for most. [abridged]

Keeping council spending down

kris: the problem is that that argument can be applied to anything at any amount - remember it wasn't that long ago the council used our rates money to build offices, a massage centre and training gym for the Highlanders and the performance sports boondoggle at the stadium because it would "only cost $10m" and that they would pay the rent - and then when no-one was looking the council started giving them an annual grant exactly equal to the value of the rent. But, only $10m right, small change when we owe half a billion.

There's an old aphorism "take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves" - it applies just as well to council finances as it does to personal finances. Our real problem is councillors who don't think long and hard before they spend other people's money.

Long may it last

Do you honestly think ten grand would help the current debt problem the city is in?

I say ten grand to put smiles on the ratepayers' faces is a fabulous tradition - long may it last. [abridged]




Good old DCC logic

Let's spend more of the ratepayers' money on something that entertains us for a very short period, looks good to visitors, but we can't afford.

The Stadium. Chinese gardens. Harbour teeth . . .

Now more fireworks so Neil is more entertained!


More than this council can afford

$10,000 dollars is more than this council can afford.