Essence On The Park - Dunedin

"This isn't Wobbly's."

The team from Essence On The Park Dunedin wanted to make this clear from the outset and for good reason.

When you take over any venue you also inherit some of the reputation good and bad and for Essence On The Park because this meant having to work hard to reverse public opinion and they've been turning a few heads with some of the Bistro meals they've been delivering.

Essence On The Park have taken over the old Wobbly's venue (Forbury Park) and they've turned up the quality of the food.

Kerry, the previous manager of Essence On The Park has been a Chef for 27 years and has worked in many well known eateries in Dunedin like the Dunedin Town hall, Kingsgate Hotel, Ombrellos, Hightide, Leisure lodge, to name a few.

So with all of this experience the entire menu was rebuilt but it wasn't easy. 

The team at Essence On The Park are talented bunch and one of the big challenges with working in a Bistro is wanting to make things real fancy with complex flavours but instead they've taken old dishes and improved the quality both in appearance and taste. 

The team would like to welcome you to Essence On The Park at the old Wobbly's (Forbury Park) venue.

Main phone
(03) 456 2503
Street Address
146 Victoria Rd,
New Zealand
Opening Hours

Mon: Closed
Tue: Lunch 12pm
Wed: Lunch 12, Dinner 5 
Wed: Lunch 12, Dinner 5
Thur: Lunch 12, Dinner 5
Fri: Lunch 12, Dinner 5
Sat: Lunch 12, Dinner 5  

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