Portobello Hotel and Bistro - Dunedin

Recently Lonely Planet mentioned the Portobello Hotel Pub and Restaurant Dunedin as a must visit if you're in New Zealand.

The Portobello Hotel and Restaurant is well worth the extra kilometres (the drive there down the peninsula is magnificent in itself) if you want to sample some of the best and most down-to-earth food you're likely to experience.

The menu is made up of classics but they have been given the Portobello Hotel edge.

If you go there you have to try the Portobello seafood chowder. It's amazing. This dish has been known to sell itself with its wonderful aroma as it's brought out to guests. It's not uncommon to have customers visit for that specific dish.

The Portobello seafood chowder is more generous with its ingredients than the traditional seafood chowders you will see on other menus. It's packed with house-smoked blue cod, full of flavour and is served with toasted focaccia bread to mop up every last drop.

The Portobello beef burger was featured in Lonely Planet as a "must-try" dish in Otago. Everything in this burger is made by hand. The beef patty is thick, the chutney and sauces are made fresh and nothing is deep-fried. It's so good a critical overseas visitor wrote a letter to the Otago Daily Times stating it was the highlight of his trip.

The other surprise hit for the Portobello Pub is its lamb shank pies.

When they were introduced to customers 200 were sold in a single weekend. They are now a staple on the menu.

While the Portobello Pub has a lot going for it, owners Tony and Sarah admit that the area is a big part of its success. The locals are a big part of what makes the place special, and being able to offer an environment in which people can enjoy the food while taking in the local experience is what it's all about.

Make the Portobello Hotel Pub and Restaurant a must-visit place for your next lunch or dinner plans.

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Main phone
(03) 478 0759
Street Address
2 Harington Point Rd,
New Zealand

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