Manny's Bar - Dunedin

"I wasn't expecting that."

This is a typical response from people in Manny's Bar and Restaurant Dunedin when they have their food served up. From the photos you can tell that these are not your ordinary "pub meals" and are far removed from the typical burger and chips and roast of the day that you typically get presented with at most bars.  

Manny's Bar chef, who has been a chef for 14 years, shares his thoughts on what makes his customers happy:

1. Tasting
2. Timing
3. Great Presentation

Looks simple, but that's what makes his food stand out.

I asked him if he would expand on these ideas.

Do you follow recipes?

"I'm an 'add to taste' sort of chef." He's a big believer in checking the flavours as he goes so he knows exactly how his food tastes. Some chefs don't taste their food and they have no idea of what's ending up on the plate at the end.

"I do what I do and people seem to enjoy it.''

He's understated, he doesn't like to stand out and make a big deal about what he does, but he's always looking to put the "wow factor" into his dishes. He wants to have a person's jaw drop when their food arrives.

He quietly mentioned the importance of simplicity and timing. If you've ever waited a long time for your meal to arrive, one of the reasons for this is poor timing in the kitchen. Timing only comes with a lot of experience. No chef comes out of the factory with this skill, but Manny's maestro has got his down pat.

The chef has worked under a number of chefs but he admits that he really just goes by feel and the end result seems to work out great, he always recieved straight A's in home economics so it was obviously something that he was pretty good at.

Was there anything else?


You want a person to enjoy their meal before they begin eating. You want them to already know that they're going to enjoy the dish. People eat with their eyes and nose first, so you have to plate up a dish that appeals to those senses so they feel satiated on all levels.

If you'd like to try some of this chef's dishes then go down to Manny's Bar, 91 St Andrew St, Dunedin and try some of their food, bring your friends down.





Pizza’s, Meat lovers or Hawaiian          $10.

A shreded assortment of the finest meats, cheese’s and mushrooms on a bed of our very own homemade barbeque sauce.


Chicken & Beef Burgers with fries          $10.

Huge burgers wrapped in salad and topped with our very own homemade barbeque sauce.


Chicken wrap with fries          $10.

Soft tortilla packed with roast chicken and salad, and topped with our special homemade aioli.


Ceasar Salad          $12.

Crispy romaine lettuce tossed with homemade ceasar dressing, shaved parmersan cheese, and topped 

with bacon and crunchy croutons.

Extra $3 Poached egg or chicken.                                                                                                    


Greek Salad          $12.

Mixed greens, tomatoes, red onion, cucumber and topped with feta, cheese, olives and croutons.

Extra $3 Chicken.


Roast of the Day          $12.     

Slow roasted beef, pork, or lamb served with seasonal veggies, topped with our tasty home style gravy.


Cajun Chicken or herb & Garlic Breast          $14.

Butterflied Chick Breast rubbed with garlic & herbs or our special Cajun spice. Pan seared & oven baked, served with fries & salad or seasonal vegies.


Sweet As          $8.

Pavlova, Choc brownie, and Fruit salad, topped with whipped cream & seasonal fruit.


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Main phone
(03) 477 2029
Street Address
Level 1/91 St Andrew Street,
New Zealand
Opening Hours

Monday: 8am till late
Tuesday: 8am till late
Wednesday: 8am till late
Thursday: 8am till late
Friday: 8am till late
Saturday: 8am till late
Sunday: 8am till late  


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