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Why should the children be punished for their parents getting into a heated argument? Not being eligible for the trophy at the end of the season is a ridiculous punishment for the children. Maybe things might have happened on the field but that's what yellow and red cards are for and the children would get punished on a case by case basis through the rugby judiciary.

Bad choice of punishment

What at a sad reflection on the parents, coaches and clubs. Parents trying to live their failed sports achievements through their children, coaches trying to out do other coaches, clubs trying to out do clubs etc etc. Where do the kids fit in to this picture, parents and coaches of these two teams in particular should be totally ashamed of themselves. Wake up, this ain't Super 15 rugby, kids are not going to get contracts based on their sucess in the under 13s. This does not reflect on the game itself, nor other teams in the clubs involved for I am sure there are those coaches whose focus is on the kids just having fun and learning confidence and skills. For these two teams maybe a good punishment would be to make them ineligible for the trophy at the end of the season.

Sad reflection

Remember what happened to Tamati Ellison at  the Highlanders.

Sorry Charles, but if you want to go overseas and play, these are the rules. 

Remember Tamati

"Hey, I'm going to renege on my contract with you guys. Yes, I know I said I would sign but these guys in Ireland just offered me truckloads of cash. Anyway, thanks for all the time and cash you put into developing me, it is sure going to pay off now.

Oh, BTW, my new bosses don't want me until August next year so can you pay me to play for the Blues for a few months so I can stay fit for them.



Go the Swamp Hens!

Island park

Haha, well said sard, misery loves company. .

Dunedin must move on from these sad people who just love to whinge, they are what is holding Dunedin back, not the stadium and what a great stadium, thanks all you people who dont like it but continue to fund it, we rugby supporters really appreciate it. Food for thought, the stadium is here use it, enjoy it because it will be here long after you. When you pack up and go take a photo of it to remind you of the good times when you lived in Dunedin.

Love it

If the above comments are true great to see the NZRU doing its bit to help keep Naholo in the south.

Good on the NZRU

Any excuse for a dig at rugby. Says a lot about some people.

Any excuse

Here is me thinking that if you willingly sign an employment contract then that is binding on both parties unless both parties agree to change that contract. This backing out of contracts by rugby players seems to be quite common and could be regulated if a transfer fee is payable - in this case if the NZRU really want this player to stay with NZ then they would be liable for a hefty fee to Clermont.

Pay a fee

I think you're got rose-tinted specs with your rating of Malakai - apart from his 'runaway' try he had a average to mediocre game. His defence was not good with the Lions midfield having a great attacking 2nd half, he tried far too many risky passes/offloads that did not work and lost possession, and he keeps on trying his crossfield scything runs that worked in his first season but all teams know now.

JJ and the AB selectors need to have a quiet chat with him; he needs to put a bit more coventional play back into his game - look at Ma'a and Conrad, they aren't doing too much unorthodox but are setting the 'Canes on fire.

I think the forwards need to lose half a point each for their inability to combat mauls and their inability to recognise that the ref was not accepting their scrummaging tactics, legal or not, and changing. OK, they may not have been walking the scrum around everytime the ref penalised them but the ref had made his position clear and they had to change.

[Jeff Cheshire replies: Good points and fair enough. I gave Fekitoa a point for his try, because it was quite timely. I don't disagree with what you said about the forwards.

Players need to look inwards a bit more
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