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To paraphrase Justin Marshall's long winded and bizarre commentary, said in all seriousness before the last game: 'whoever gets it over the line most often and over the goal posts and therefore scores the most points will be the winner'.

Stating the obvious perhaps.

Would have been good if Clare had donated her ticket and flight to one of the South Duneditn flood victims, wouldn't it?!


The first two are the Canes have beaten them twice this year already and the third is they have home ground advantage.

Go the Canes. 

Three reasons why they won't

Golden Oldie: There is a small, subtle but important difference. In SA it was a way of segregating people of colours and races. In NZ those people enjoy the right to paticipate in life side by side with all other people and instances like the Maori teams instead of segregation are use to promote the culture and contributions to our country. The same actions by two different parties (whatever the action) can have vastly different reasons and implications; in this case one was used to put a race down, and the other to celebrate and lift it up.

Segregation vs celebration

If I recall in 1981 the country was thrown into chaos as a protest against racially selected rugby Teams from South Africa and also their racial policies in general.

So why are we picking a team in New Zealand based on race? This seems all rather hypocritical to me  and clearly spells out New Zealand Rugby supports race based teams in its programmes.

They dont pick a pacific Island All Black team, so why a Maori All Black team? 

Maori All Blacks

At the risk of being a perfectionist, the Waratahs only scored one try Rob.

(Thanks for that. The story has been amended- Ed.)

One try

Maybe if the Black Caps had done a haka before the final it would have have frightened Smith, Clarke and the two Mitch's and put them off their games.

And the 80,000-odd Aussie supporters in attendance would have been shocked into silence.

Then we could have taken the final.  Easily. 

Black Caps

I am a Kiwi living in Oz, and an avid HighLanders supporter. My view on the penalty try was it should have been called no try and a penalty, but no card. Also how did they allow Bucky's try after he was tackled, and the arm carrying the ball touched the ground? I thought he was supposed to release the ball, even though he wasn't held. But we take the good with the bad and in the last 2 games I think we have had all the good calls, so some bad calls are just around the corner, or do we still have some good ones to come our way to balance all the bad ones we received? To be honest I haven't been counting........



Wow a whole extra 50 seats, yup theat's pulling out all the stops alright and looking after Dunedin.


After his most impressive debut at fiendish Chambers Bay, young aussie Cameron Smith is a potential superstar. He three putted three greens on Sunday including the first from ten feet, but his composure, bounce back and his performance to be the only player in the field to equal or better par in each round stamps him as one of the most exciting youngsters in a valedictory class Of 2015. Watch him in the Open at St. Andrews. He just might win.

One to watch
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