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Oh, so proud to know the Kiwi boys have made it to the final.  Will be watching eyes glued in wee small  hours from Scotland.

C'mon the Black Caps!!! 

- From an ex-pat Dunedin girl.


Sunday's final

Give credit where credit is due. Both sides were better than you have reported here. There were some terrific attacking touches by both teams. And some really awesome defence.

Credit where it's due

We know Aussie cricket well enough not to take any notice of the verbals they always trot out before an important match.  One would think that they are good enough just to put their talent on the field, and they are,  but no they have to resort to mind games.  It's a pity really but sure enough, if they win against India there will be plenty of verbal before and during the game.

Disappointing really. 

We know Aussie cricket well enough

Went to three sessions of the game one on Thursday and two on Friday, pitch did not seem to take any turn, bowled well to get back into the game but the inexperience of the two spinners was probably shown up. If only the ramp shot that Devcich played had fallen 5cm closer to gully we had the win. The title is still Canterbury's to lose though, pity we didn't play Wagner.

Wagner rested

Geez Jamie

Why don't you play a violin? You got beaten - stop whinging & bleating about the referee.


Hurricanes v Highlanders

Seen the same behaviour at soccer in Dunedin too. I stopped taking my son as there was going to be an unpleasant outburst. I managed to control myself on two occasions but the only way i could guarantee i could control my temper was to not go and therefore we don't go anymore.

I hope they get a response from Cricket NZ as Soccer South didn't even bother to reply to my concerns. Good luck.

Not just at the cricket

Am I reading this correctly?  This is a "crucial encounter" where “a win for the Volts would set them up nicely for a push at the title”.  And we elect to rest our international representative and major strike bowler, Neil Wagner?! Unless he's injured, then the fact he needs resting for such a crucial game implies his bowling workload has been mismanaged, does it not?

Wagner rested?

... so c'mon Reading. C'mon!!!

David vs Goliath battle coming up...

What really helped the Mighty Highlanders was having a first class ref, I think he was all class and showed the gulf between himself and the refs in the previous games.

The ref

Another big game for the Fijian Highlander.  He runs some great lines and gets the rewards.  Top effort all round, if they play like this v the Canes I ll be enjoying my beer on Friday night.

Don t forget Patrick Osborne
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