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OK. The first 35 minutes was skittery, disjointed and uncharacteristic. We were missing our three All Blacks and the senior players stepping up to take the slack were just trying too hard. But then we gutsed and forced and trusted and believed in each other and simplified things up again. We could have capitulated, but we didn't (Highlanders fans like me have too much faith in this group to think of that as a likely option.) We could have lost to a blow- out score by panicking and trying too hard to play catch up rugby (this is the scenario we have come to expect). But what we did with a team stacked with green or greenish bit part players in the last 45 minutes was fought our way to being within a foot on the line of getting a bonus point. Obviously a win would have been better but I think this performance was a big progressive step to being a competitive franchise in the long term.

Strangely a positive step

The answer is simple - relocate, lose the right to use the stadium for any more games, or pay the full cost for each game played there! If they move out maybe we can then close the ugly fruit bowl and the ratepayers can then save money.

The answer is simple

Ungrateful, as Albert has noted. Seems there was a huge error by the people of Dunedin in the recent past. It also seems that we should have not bailed out the ORFU as we would all be a lot better off if they had indeed gone down the toilet.

No more favours until you fulfil your obligations, in fact, get out until you have met those obligations. 

Your shop window not flash enough?

Well, Mr Richard Kinley, ratepayers were conned into paying for a nice big flash stadium for your 'professional' organisiation and now you complain because it's too cramped and has little privacy?  Three words to remember when you are doing your costings for a move, Mr Kinley; fifty million dollars. Don't forget, we won't. [Abridged]


Three years after being bailed out by ratepayers, the empire building has begun again.

Empire building

It's a darn shame how the NZRFU fails deliberately to drill down and name the root cause of why there are so many head injuries, and other serious injuries, now compared with, say, 50 years ago when there were more players.

Could it be due to the change in rules allowing more extreme body contact (but of course we mustn't say so must we)?

I always thought "stacks on the mill" was a young kids game until I saw the ridiculous similarities now allowed in rugby union. Now even the All Black coach says the game is boring! 

Methinks the game is now only a very short step away from mandatory head helmets and Michelin-man body padding ala Yank footballers. Will the NZRFU then be happy chappies? 

Too many head injuries

Yes, the gymkhana videos are awesome-  I've seen them all. Glad he's not performing at the stadium, as due to my "never gunna go there" attitude, I'd miss out on seeing this. Can't wait.

Legend in Dunedin

Its not often you will hear me say that, but I will make an exception in this case. Best of luck to the Wellington boys and Glen Frew. If you're reading this, Glen, good win at Waimate. Watched it on the TV recently. Man, that red rocket looks a handful, but great save on the finish line on the last run though. Well done.

Go Dunedin

Highlanders fans (myself included at times) can be a negative bunch.   We ve had a good team the past couple of years and are playing well at the moment.  We should be expecting to beat the Blues this weekend and anything less would be a poor result and a real upset.   

By the way, as a Highlanders fan at last Saturday's match I enjoyed the rugby our team played on the way to a well-deserved win over the red 'n' blacks. 

Fair point

OK. Fair comment, but remember Williams broke his contract with the Bulldogs to play in France for money.  It will happen again.

Chasing the money
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