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Likelt a safe bet when you consider 2 important positions have been filled by 2 players well past their best before date.

Or perhaps Dan and Ritchie have only been included to boost team morale. Hope they are taking skirts and pom poms.

Likely a safe bet

I've been following the Hayne story with much interest also, and I have no doubt the guy will make the final cut for the 49'ers.

One slight correction to this very interesting piece, however. Colin Scotts did play for the Australian schoolboys, but in the rugby union version, out of Sydney's prestigious Scots College. A world away from Hayne's upbringing (which makes Hayne's achievements even more remarkable).

Great story

Having 8 caps for the Highlanders in 2014 he has now been called into the Argentinian RWC team.

What about Matias Diaz?!

Knighthood for what? Getting over-paid for doing something you enjoy and managing to be civil to fans? Actually nauseating. What a giveaway that Key described McCaw as having a 'great brand', very revealing. Personally, I would favour acknowledgement of those in the community who make a real difference, volunteering, contributing and making it a better place.

But no, let's continue to genuflect before the great god of rugby. Why stop at a knighthood, how about Richie for Pope??


Distraction alert! King Key is trying to piggyback on the All Blacks' success and the emotion and respect around McCaw.

It is sickening that the All Blacks with their history are letting themselves be so hijacked. At least losing in London at the RWC (if we make it that far) will not be so traumatic now knowing that the interloper would be foiled.


Apologies to Tama Apineru for the wrong last name in the article.

Story has been amended. Thanks. Ed

Tama Apineru

Trev, where do you do your comedy show ?

New talent

Adam Knight can barely make a devestating impact at premier level, how's he going to do anything at the next level? Dawai has shown all season he is the best 6 by a long stretch. Shame they seem to pick on how hard they train and not what they do on the field.

Next level

I continue to be amazed at the reluctance of New Zealanders to openly criticize sub-standard performances by Richie McCaw and the All Black coaching team. McCaw is the Captain and therefore the on-field Manager who should have recognized the All Black shortcomings against Australia, in particular the back-line of Carter and Williams. He should have "had words" in no uncertain manner - but he did not. The Coaches should have ensured that Carter, Williams and McCaw got a right old bollicking at half-time. Judging by the second-half performance this did not happen.

Past All Black Captains have bitten the bullet and said it like it should be said.The All Blacks have now been accused of predictability by several newspaper critics but have failed to "fix the problem". Sam Cane should be the flanker to replace McCaw, who should be a reserve player in the World Cup. The time is well past when the NZ All Black team can afford to continue to nurse players and coaches who are now well past their prime.

No more All Black nursing

The boys in blue will have a tough job winning the championship with Wellington and Hawkes Bay to compete against. Personally I'd prefer to see one competition. Does it really matter if a fulll round isn't played ??

Canterbury up first which will be tough although after a good preseason an upset is possible.

Otago 3rd or 4th a good bet
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