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We ve got a fair shot of retaining the title this year.  Now 2017 looks promising as well.  If we ve got the All Blacks for the Lions game the Highlanders could continue Otago teams great record vs the Brits. 

Good news for 2017

Of course 10 teams is far too many in a place the size of Dunedin.

But, typical of rugby unions all over NZ, they stick their heads in the sand and refuse to change..... 

Too many

Apart from the confidence and patience (no 20/80 passes being thrown as they were against the Reds and Sharks) shown in the last couple of games what I liked most about their game was that they changed the gameplan after 15-20 mins from the kick-chase, when it became obvious that the Crusaders were using the ball kicked to them better than was expected, to keeping the ball in hand and using it themselves.

Smart on the field

Mike St and Capri are definitely correct. The ground was not full. My seat was empty as I was following the game from Barcelona. Can't wait to get back to Dunedin to see the Highlanders play their next game at the FBS for which I am happy to be paying a small share of my rates towards. FBS is not destroying Dunedin's future. The city would be doomed without it!


This is not a sell out, I agree Mike. We were promised 30,000 and to keep some semblance of being within budget a smoke and mirror act reduced it by allowing for tempory seating.

Look at Suncorp Stadium, actually a sell out for tomorrow's NRL double header. Capacity 52,500, seats sold 52,500.

FBS is a millstone that is destroying any future Dunedin may have had. 

Sell out? Yeah right

Actually Mike it is. Under it's standard configuration it is a sellout. 30,000 is only capacity when the additional seating is installed. Virtually every stadium works this way, the only ones that don't don't use additional seating. Besides, sellout (for any event) are based on availible tickets, not availible seats

Tickets not seats

I'm going to hazard a guess here and say that the removable seats making up the stand at the eastern side of the stadium are not in place for this game.  This would explain the difference in the capacity figures.

Removable seats

How can it be a sellout? we paid for a stadium with a 30,000 seat capacity for sports events and 36,000 for concerts - obviously someone's misleading the public here - perhaps the ratepayers, who's pockets continue to picked to pay for this white elephant, should get a 40% refund from the people responsible for this boondoggle.

Not really full

Will Simon Wallace actually be able to change anything though...?

How about starting by enforcing an even schools comp and not allow so much poaching, over age players, 50+ hidings.

Top high school players are gold to club recruiters these days, however they tend to carry on and only go to the few top clubs, resulting in this messy club comp we have today.


Set an example

Otago is very proud of you. Give it your best shot, we are all behind you!

PS. it is Renthal in 

Go Courtney!
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