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At best we have a journeyman Captain and No.8 who was badly shown up by Gareth Evans, who was a class player we let go.  As the saying goes we were lucky to get zero.


The best stadium in NZ but the worst side. Southland must be kicking themselves.

Losing to a team that drinks milk from a saucer!

The best stadium in NZ but . . .

The moment they named the Captain it was apparent we didn't have the depth or talent. The balance sheet will look good this year though...players cannot be costing much.

Shield match

Woeful display.   Can't believe Renton is No1 halfback in Otago. Can't tackle.  Other players seem out of their depth.

Woeful display  

It's a tough job being an Otago fan when they play this badly.  The fact they were significantly better against Canterbury does give some hope for the Shield game though.

Awful second half

There have been several locks jumping (including Brad Thorn) throughout the season and it never gets better. It's generally overthrown or not thrown straight. 

Coltman was in the All Blacks squad and was dropped. It can't be because he isn't a good player because he is one of the strongest running and hardest hitting players in the hooker position. I don't doubt he is an excellent player, it's just he isn't a hooker.

Maybe he isn't the whole problem but it's a good start. So lets move him to prop and bring in someone that can get the job done. Sack the lot of them if need be, but until we fix it we will continue to cough up ball.  Lineouts cost us a top 2 finish in super rugby, a quarter final loss, and cost Otago the shield against Counties. I don't care what happens it just needs to be fixed. 

Hookers indeed

Been listening to this all Highlanders season and now starting with the ITM. When will people learn there are 4 people involved in a lineout? Hooker, jumper and two lifters. Unless the throw is not straight you cannot blame any one person ( unless you know the calls? ).  Hooker gets told where to put it. It is up to the jumper and lifters to stop in the right place ( from running up and down the line) to recieve the ball at the right height.


Anderson-Heather was throwing last night, not Coltman.

Coltman reply

How does Coltman get an 8 out of 10? He doesn't seem to know how to throw the ball into the lineout and this ultimately cost Otago the match.


Stevesone57: "I would have thought the latest events at the DCC would have everyone asking the hard questions as to what happens to ratepayer money once the DCC get their hands on it." And destroy the illusion? No way

If Sue Bidrose is to effectively "clean house" then Dave Cull and Co. need to fully investigate where the money went with CST, DVML and associated issues as well.

Hard questions
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