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From the terraces at Carisbrook, New Zealand vs South Africa some time in the 90's.  We see All Blacks kick into the Hillside end corner.  Percy Montgomery is fielding the kick which goes to ground.  Crowd roars.  There are only two people in the picture, Percy, and Jonah steaming at full pace down the touch line like a large train.  What a magnicificent sight!   Percy seems to panic, fumbles, then manages a hasty pick up and shuffles into touch.  Magic. 

From the terrace.....

Thanks for the memories. 

RIP Jonah

You were and always be a giant amongst all of us. You will be back no doubt. Until then, you will be forever missed. 



Russia will compete.  If they were to be banned it would cause a domino effect and many western countries would also be accused, as well as ultimately the IAAF.  Would result in loss of money for Rio.  

Won't happen

This is what I dislike about the way the media operates these days.  They are all very busy telling us what is going to happen while consumers of media want to know what has actually happened.  If TV, radio and newspapers actually spent more of their resources reporting the actual news we would be better served.

How do they know that McCaw is going to announce his retirement on Wednesday?  If he has given them the heads up then that means the retirement is already announced.  Maybe they're doing a little sleuthing and joining the dots - if that is the case, why don't they say so?  Why don't they tell us it's guess work?  Why say anything at all?  Why not just wait? Or is it that they're trying to fill space adjacent to advertising?

Why not just wait?

I love Dunedin Parkrun. It's free, healthy, sociable and heaps of fun. Despite the name it is not just for runners - people walk it, or jog it slowly like me.

Thanks ODT for giving Parkrun some good publicity. I hopepeople will register and come and check it out for themselves.

Parkrun is for everyone

Seriously,  the punishment is silly.  Starc earns millions a year.   There's no doubt that one of the world's premier bowlers knew what he was doing.  Where were Craig's teammates when this happened?  Personally think Craig should have taken his gloves and helmet off and beat the daylights out of Starc while the rest of the Black Caps looked on, from the field, not from a lounge.  Our captain should have also been tougher on this.  This nice guy stuff is being taken advantage of.   



Wet bus ticket

I'd have lost all respect for Mr Marquez if he'd not tried to win.

Unwritten rule?

Wiremu: You could and should apply the same reasoning when comparing say Waka Nathan or Michael Jones and Richie McCaw. Such comparisons when both players are decades apart in their playing periods should not be made. Richie McCaw is not "the greatest All Black ever". And neither was Waka in his playing days. McCaw is/was a very very good player but so were many others.

An unfair comparison

Yes, kudos to the ODT for featuring a bike-sport related article. I can't begrudge Jorge the Title; he ran a blistering pace at Valencia, and took his 6th victory of the year, so the crown was deserved. I have lost respect for Marc though, he broke the unwritten rule: don't get involved in the title-fight if you're not in contention.

I can imagine why Honda would prefer Jorge over Rossi though: as ten times World Champion, Rossi would have been Yam's marketing dream come true, and a nightmare for Honda. Jorge, not so much....Roll-on 2016 :)

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