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This is a wet bus ticket response. Get people out of rugby like this and start setting an example.

Get hard

Fantastic and well done to Hayden and John's breakthrough win. This can only help those individuals and Rally fans who are trying to return the World Rally Championship back to New Zealand.


You missed the numerous forced and unforced handling errors and poor ball security in contact. The team could have easily won this game by a few points if they could have kept multiple phases of possession running - as they did of rmost of last year and this year until the Reds game - but they were frequently giving the ball back to the Sharks.

From watching the Chiefs and Hurricanes play it was obvious that the team were pushing passes and plays just a bit too quickly - whether they were trying to make up for being a player down or just trying too hard when they got behind, in the end they lost the speed and fluency those other two teams displayed with too much haste.

And on top of the high error rate they seemed to have lost (hopefully temprarily) the ability to create scoring chances, they are making something look so difficult that the three other leading Kiwi teams are just about doing in their sleep.

They need to have a sit down and think as the back half sees them playing the Brumbies, Chiefs (x2), Crusaders, Hurricanes, Kings & Jaguares - and having dropped points against the Blues, Reds and Sharks it's uphill to the finals.

Missed a few things

Brunhilde, on your horse!
Am I to be in the equestrian, mein Herr?
Nein, get yourself down the Rhine and look for the Olympic Rings. We've lost them. Aryan up about it.


Highlanders should've won that one. The red card was harsh and costly but we still had our chances. Great defence by the Sharks won the day. 

Disappointing but well done Sharks

I hear you 'muttonpies', and obviously no support was given to him after being promised the additional support coaches - one person can not run trainings and work with individuals on their game etc when you have a large squad present.

Do you see the Highlanders squad training on Logan Park with just Jamie Joseph? No! You see about 5 or 6 different coaches supporting him, which is what Nathan needed.

Former Otago Cricket CEO Ross Dykes, who is a huge supporter of Nathan, will be lying back in his Remuera recliner absolutely disgusted in the treatment of Nathan King.

Additional support was needed

No matter how many people they hire from outside the OCA continue to behave like an amateur committee based association in a professional environment. When a new coach is appointed who is fresh to first class as a coach then every measure should be put in place to ensure success and every measure should be there to support him in getting the players support... Nathan has been a great servant to the area and the sport and his treatment is nothing but shameful from a shameful organisation.

Wake up OCA

This is a disgrace! How can Otago Cricket do this to a local cricket legend who has dedicated years to the region? If this is how they treat local coaches then how does this give any aspiring coaches confidence to aim for the top?   

Maybe Vaughan Johnson has been approached again to take the helm or Wazza Lees to step up from the Sparks?



Volts coach

Hi. I'm a Highlanders fan from Chicago in the U.S.  Thanks for always keeping me informed. Quick question - what ever happened to Shaun Treeby?  I can't seem to find any info on him, but I feel like he was always a good option in the centers and offered that punch at inside center that Emery might lack. Thanks!



Highlanders lineup

Sorry, but where in any article that has been published did John Plumtree say he had applied or was ineterested in the job of coaching the Highlanders?

All this speculation and comment came from everyone but John Plumtree. so where do we get off saying he has not handled this well?

I am sure a number of coaches were approached to coach the Highlanders, but how many actually applied after that approach?

From my recollection Plumtree has only commented on this on one occasion and that is today when he decided not to apply for the job. 

With comments like these no wonder he decided not to venture south. Surely if anything the man should be appluaded for making his position clear and removing any speculation. 


John Plumtree
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