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Their supporters ... witnessed arguably the most remarkable feat in their country's sporting history. 

That is indeed very arguable as most people, including Icelanders, would think it is the silver medal at the Olympic Games in 2008 as the smallest nation in a team sport, ie handball! 

Arguable indeed

Shame on you Fozzy, doing that to all us excitable fans!

Yeah, right

So, this guy has been here a few months and yet he states he 'wants to change the culture'. How on earth would he have an understanding of the 'culture' when he's only just turned up and hasn't been involved with the team before???

And 'a track record of success at a high level'. Really? Coaching a college side in Ireland? 


I don't care if you're reading Locke, Hobbes, Bentham, Sociology of Sport and Kierkegaard's Journals. You are not a Scarfie unless you have played Rugby with no clothes on.

City misses out on socialised indecent exposure

If the Highlanders have to lose Jamie Joseph Tony Brown is absolutely the right call.

Absolutely the right call

It's curious that the top women's sport earners are tennis pros, while the WTP is losing money and nearly bankrupt. It's also sad that many of the games these women play are in empty stadiums. Nobody really knows why tennis fans don't watch women's tennis: after all, most fans are in fact women.

Then you have the NASCAR lady, who likely never races before less than 50,000 people, and hardly earns anything, while risking life and limb every time she suits up! Who knew?


It doesnt seem real I only found out this afternoon that Muhammad was in hospital and now I've heard on the news and online that he has passed away. The world is a poorer place with the loss of the greatest boxer ever seen. Rest in Peace Muhammad you will forever live on in our hearts

R.I.P Muhammad

RIP Mr Ali, thanks for all the entertainment when you were boxing.


Businesslike as in financial default and debt forgiven by Council?

Oval leather ball business

A the top of the tree (pro rugby) they have money galore! Meanwhile, grassroots rugby needs to be more businesslike...

What lovely irony
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