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Aren't they all spoilt brats?

It's yachting

Beginning to sound a lot like a spoilt brat.

Harden up

The baby, Steve, the poor baby, contextually associated with disruption to Rugby. Congrats to the familly.

Highlanders disrupted by a happy event

One game in and the bleating of 'oh dear me' has started....

Bleating already

They have seven years to set up their fixtures - how about every club leauge in the Southern hemisphire wanting money for every other world cup that has affected them and their leauge season?

They are having a laugh

is it just me or am i missing somemthing here?

Triggs, punching, one week ban.
Franks, elbow to the throat for all and sundry to see in offside position and deliberatley leads with the forearm, 2 weeks
Hames, stupid deliberate punch, 5 weeks 

Consistancy by the judiciary? I think not.

What a joke - a punch is a punch, foul play is foul play. Treat them all the same. In this instance we have three different penalties for the same offence. I'm not condoning or making excuses for  any of them - Hames shouldn't be paid for the time he is off - but there has to be consistancy if the judicary are to be taken seriously.

At least if it happend on the street he would have got name suppression because of his status. 

Foul play

And I can just imagine the line trotted out by the sponsor when the winners present for their share of the loot. Yeah right . . .

Promotional gig

I thought that Malakai might go back to the Blues because of his strong family ties in Auckland but for his rugby career he has made the right decision. In a few years time when he is basking in the glory of being a great All Black he can sit back in Auckland and recap it all with his very proud family. At the moment he can regard himself as a very honorable Southern Man. Go well young man.

Great news

This is awesome for the Highlanders; a powerful, attacking centre!

Fekitoa could be better than Conrad

Let's be honest, they took the cheap booze away and the event died. Most were there for the party. Have you ever been to the first day of a sevens and watched PNG play Portugal? You need to be drunk to go the distance. All you could see were thousands of bright yellow empty seats. People are just not interested. There is too much sport and not enough fans or dollars to go around. Interesting to see Dunedin is not the only city which built a stadium which is leeching millions from ratepayers. These sports arenas need feeding and we don't have the population or desire to attend these endless sporting events. Just watch as the Super whatever it is now tournament fails to attract a crowd. Cricket World Cup coupled with Rugby World Cup will ensure fans stay away in droves.

Sevens a bomb
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