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Doug Howlett? Not a great Highlander but a great AB.

Doug Howlett?

Spurs 3rd on the table. Man U lucky to win any trophies this year and will probably miss out on the Champions League.

Go Spurs

@peterpeep: Why not? We have Otago, Southland and Canturbury within driving distance including the summer tourists in Queenstown to draw on. Those that flew to Wellington will fly here. The students will mostly have accomodation sorted as most leases run Jan-Dec, so they could very well be enticed down a week or two early, but we wont need them to be successful. Even if we only get half full it is no worse the Wellington, but I think it would be a sell out.


Plain and simple. If it's not on Orintatation weekend in Dunedin it won't work.

Dunedin 7s

Winning only 3 matches of the last 13 is a sign that Man U is not what they used to be. Man U fans should accept the fact that their team is a mid-table team now and it will be many years before past glories can revisited. Teams like Spurs are the new heavyweights of the league.

Man U Going Downhill

Especially at this stage - Reinstate reserve days. It is stupid that a finals game is decided this way. 


Looks like rain for the big game. Alas Otago, that poor start to the competition will have a bearing this time around unfortunately.


Man United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool have all had their day. Spurs are about to take their rightful place st the top of the Premier League. 

Spurs rule

Time to move the sevens. The Wellington public are notoriously fickle for sporting events other than All Blacks games and seem  to have lost interest in the sevens.  This event would be a perfect fit for the Dunedin stadium.  Otago should bid to host the event. At the very least the NZRU should share the tournament around the country.  I m sure Christchurch could attract at least as many fans as will show up in Welly this weekend.

NZ Sevens for FB

The more star players in Rio the better.  

Good luck Quade
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