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Correct me if I am wrong but aren't Wellington actually on 27 points? They have 5 wins, 1 draw and 5 bonus points.

Points have been amended. Thanks. Ed


Points error

Fair point Gregor, it's up to the England team now, although the calculators will need to come out if England wins then Australia then beats Wales in the final group game. The tournament is about rugby though and I like most true rugby fans won't let dollar or pound signs dictate whether it was a good tournament or not.

Rugby will decide

I agree. Tonga 1 vote, Samoa 1 vote, Fiji 1 vote, USA 1 vote, Brazil 1 vote, England 1 vote, Scotland 1 vote, Wales 1 vote, Erie 1 vote....


Haunted by a decision for the Rest of his life? I've heard about this. The haunted see players huddling, looking at the haunted being indecisive, then he hears choppers (from Sky®). For the Rest of his life?


Big call by Robshaw but he did speak with some of the team.  It was his call but it's pleasing to see a captain back his team and go for the win.  And as it says,  it was a difficult kick.  Super tension at the end.   This World Cup has been set alight with some surprising results.   Great drama so far.   

Enterprising call

Wales is in the drivers seat for getting through to the knockout stages.   Huge pressure on England.   Must beat Australia, which will be very tough,  even at home.  Would love to see an All Blacks vs Wales final, if that's in any way possible.   Not sure how the pools match up for quarters, semis and finals.  


"In the end we just weren't good enough and people pat us on the back for a brave performance. But that's not good enough for us; we wanted to win."

Summed it up perfectly.   A loss is a loss just as a win is a win.  It would have been an historic victory too.   

Great attitude

For a bunch of part-timers they were surprisingly good. Strong in defence and well organised when they got the ball  They'll have a chance of upsetting Georgia or Tonga if they can improve 10% on this effort.  The All Blacks were not great but did the job well enough.  Good to see plenty of structure in the NZ game rather than plenty of 7s type running about. 

Well done Namibia

Well, reporters still use the boofy descriptive 'a thrashing'. Say, what was the score?

(34-32. Ed)

Japan in South Africa Thrash Shock!

An excellent defensive effort combined with making the most of the limited ball they got did the job (if only just).  That last try to Faddes had me jumping out of my chair.  Bring on the Stags.


Top effort Otago
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