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"I would hazard to say that we [rugby types] are paying our way, otherwise how can the Highlanders record a profit?"  Not teaching accountancy to Japanese students are you, dunedinboyINjapan?  I would  hazard to say that we [ratepayersINdunedin] enable the Highlanders to record a profit by  subsidising them by an eyewatering amount.  They're outstanding in their ability to get their expenses paid by others and keeping the takings to themselves.

Red column, black column

Steve: I wouldn't say there's no glass at all, I think that our empty glasses are more due to the guy from Japan and all his rugby wowser mates who keep coming over to our table and drinking from them rather than buying a round for their own table. Mind you these are also the same bunch of guys who originally offered to buy a few rounds for the bar back at the beginning but then quietly sit there on their hands whistling looking the other way whenever anyone mentions that.

The real problem is with the professional for-profit rugby community - it's way past time they became responsible for making good on their promises about their rugby stadium, our no nothing council believed all those false promises about raising private funds and the ability for the rugby stadium to run at a profit - we all saw the full page ad promising it all in the ODT, but never bothered to get it in writing, because they believed they were honourable men, more fool them.

Where is my beer?

The issue is that of the incredible almost $650 million in consolidated debt carried by the DCC almost one third is due to the Stadium. By any measure that is far more than any service or public amenity would cost by many millions. The contribution just keeps increasing, an additional $20 million over 10 years just signed off on. We are fortunate that interest rates are so low but this will not last for ever. The burgeoning debt and endless increased rate payer contributions toward the Stadium are almost like the Emperor's new clothes to some. It's almost as if they are happy to keep paying more no-matter how much it is. Rugby tickets ought to be $300 a piece or more, one wonders if then they might actually understand the sheer scale of the problem then?

No fairness for rate payers

There are a multitude of services which my rates pay for which I have no use for or interest in.  However I accept that as part of this community, it is my responsibility to contribute towards them.

In fairness...

The problem is that The Highlanders are not paying anywhere near what should be the real going rate for hiring the stadium. That is where the discrepency comes into the equation. If in fact Rugby was paying its way why, would yet another $2 million per annum be needed from ratepayers on top of the millions already being sunk into FSB? It is a purpose built rugby stadium, not a concert venue as we now know, not a car boot sales park, it is a Rugby Stadium. One which is costing far more than any game or activity is worth to this or any community.

No glass at all

Although a loss, we as a country should be very proud of their effort to reach the semis, as well as for putting NZ on the football map again.

Auckland FC

dunedin boy in japan: sadly I too must put aside money every week to help pay for your rugby tickets - you have a choice, I don't.

Of course the Highlanders and the ORFU make a profit, they get a monstrous subsidy, millions of dollars a year, from the ratepayers pockets. If the DCC didn't do this the stadium would have to close.

If you'd followed along with the math in this forum you'd understand that we already pay almost as much as you do to subsidise each of your tickets.

Should I be asking the DCC to force you to pay half of my movie tickets?

Paying your way

@duneinboyINjapan: I think you seem to be ignoring the fact that the stadium was built on empty promises  And in the case of the ORFU, empty wallets.

The ratepayer subsidises a lot of other activity in the city (arts and culture, sports grounds, parks and reserves) but we all know they have been there for all and sundry for a very, very long time. The stadium is for one primary purpose only, to glorify the excess that is professional rugby and the vain that prop it up.

The NZRU makes a massive profit because of the All Blacks, sponsorship and the massive discounts from the likes of DVML because DVML, DCC and a bunch of self interested, very wealthy people are scared the All Blacks won't play here anymore. They said that about Carisbrook was not up to par yet the All Blacks played there.

The Highlanders only make a profit because of the very generous 'discount' this city gives to rugby to maintain the illusion that regional rugby is important to the country as a whole.

The ORFU only makes a profit because it doesn't have to pay it's administrative, promotional and some other costs because the ratepayer does this for them via the subsidies to DVML.

DVML can't make a true profit because we keep absorbing their losses in one form or another.

Rugby is just another of the worst kind of beneficiary - the coporate bludger.

Eyes wide open

Firstly, an error in my earlier post: I meant to say, "I've never encountered a bigger bunch of 'glass half empty' types as represented by the Stadium naysayers".

But, in honesty, I'm now leaning toward a 'glass completely empty' point of view.

I would hazard to say that we [rugby types] are paying our way, otherwise how can the Highlanders record a profit?

Yes, that's right, I'm referring to revenue from tickets. Game after game, a portion of our hard earned wage is set aside for the big day. Anywhere from $25 for a single adult, or more with family in tow.

Mind you, I'm happy for ratepayers to pick up the cost of my expenses at the gate if you're offering!

Then I'll graciously tolerate your grumblings with a happy heart and an open mind.

Glass completely empty!

From an earlier ODT report, "Otago and Southland [rugby unions] would want to be partners in a deal [to buy into the franchise] but
may struggle to come up with any money to invest." Just leave that to the DCC to subsidise the franchise.

Southland doesn't want them.
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