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Time to get one back over the Stags, they ve caused Otago fans some headaches over the last few years.  

C'mon Otago

This is more about promoting the All Blacks "Brand". We don't need Sonny Bill to strengthen the squad but he will put bums on seats at stadiums round the world. He may possibly increase our chances of getting the rugby gold at Rio, but won t improve our 2015 world cup chances much.

Money Bill Williams

The ABs obviously need SBW to win. After all, they have lost sooooo many games since he went back to league... 

Need SBW

I find it a little strange that no mention is made here of Dane Coles.  I can only presume you are searching for depth in this position beyond Coles?  I agree that sadly, Mealamu no longer has the stamina or body for top flight rugby, however Coles has come on in leaps and bounds and had an extremely impressive performance in the latest Bledisloe Cup destruction of the Wallabies.  But we do need another quality option should injury strike leading into the World Cup.

Dane Coles?

I'm sure a few years ago North Harbour had three challenges in the one year and lost them all.


I seem to remember a certain kiwi league player suffering at the hands of SBW  when SBW suddenly deicded he wanted to go to the rugby league world cup after not having been available or selected in the origonal team

Seems like another athlete will be omitted from the All Blacks because the Sonny Bill sideshow changes direction yet again.

Maybe he should go back to boxing - oops, can't do that, no free rides in the boxing ring.

Just another hypocritical decision by Tew and company in my view. No wonder rugby is losing support in its grass roots when they see this going on.  If you havent got the instestinal fortitude to enforce the rules you make don't make them at all. 



Steve Tew  has been in the job too long. He appear to have a Canterbury bias. I was happy to move from NZ to Aussie because I was tired of the Canterbury dictatorship of NZ rugby, both regarding players and officials. Canterbury has already registered two huge wins against traditionally strong oppisition this season, as has their B side, Tasman. People have commented on Tamati Ellison's situation compared to Sonny Bill, also Andy Ellis is going to Japan then returning to play for thre Crusaders. Is that fair?. Dan Carter was allowed to play in the Super 15 finals after having played 3 games - everyone else had to have played four. Again an exemption for a Canterbury player.

Too long

The NZRFU and Steve Tew need to take a good hard look at themselves.

Take last season when Highlander Tamati Ellison went and played in Japan in the off season and was banned from returning to the Highlanders by the NZRFU and ended up playing in Australia for the Rebels.

Seems they change the rules if you're a superstar crowd drawer.

NZRFU - what's going on?

Not sure that the Press Cup format will solve the problem.  Fact is, Otago Boys High is simply a juggernaut in this competition that is far stronger than the rest of the teams (Southland BHS aside) and probably always will be.

One solution could be for Otago BHS to field two (if not three) teams of similar strength e.g. 1st XV Black and 1st XV White.  That should make the competition much more of a contest.  In its current format, one can see other schools simply dropping out.

For purposes of inter-schools and the National Top Four, a genuine 1st XV can be selected. 

Editor, Schools Rugby Tribune.

Highlanders 1st XV competition.

This article once again fails to acknowledge the fact that the best team from the Highlanders competition has the opportunity to be the top team in New Zealand.

I applaud Otago Boy's efforts to aim that high. If the local competition goes out of step with the National rules and imposes stricter criteria, then how is our top team possibly going to compete on the national stage? We should be championing their efforts instead of constantly bleating about them.

The competition format as it was established was fine. Over the years regional, almost tribal whinging has led to a series of changes that have not worked. Example: why hold a promotion/relegation at the end of a season? Last year Taieri played St Peters for a place and were soundly thrashed by over 70. However, which is the best team now?

As for "questions whether the importing of these players was benefiting the game in the South." I can unequivocably answer. Yes, they have enormously. They bring professionalism, passion, ambition and a wider view of what's possible in the Rugby world. Example: Charlie Beckett Captained England U18 v South Africa in the weekend. Played for John McGlashan in 2013. Do you think his influence was's not rocket science!    

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