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Boldor: Capacity in it's standard conguration is approximately 23,000, but up to 30,000 seated can be accomodated with the addition seating at the end. 



Yes I agree, why remove the extra seating ??.  The game v the Chiefs sold out two days ago.  There would easily be a couple of thousand extra tickets sold if the temporary seating was still there.  Also there's a possibly of a play off game later this month which would also fill the stadium to capacity or come very close even with the extra seating.


Gazroid, we are losing millions, and nobody thought ahead because if they did it would not have been been built in the first place.

Stadium loss

If they win Premier 2 and don't challenge they could lose some of their  more ambitious players.  On the other hand should they be eligible for promotion they'd  be silly not to tempt a few of the best North Otago players south. Either way it adds more interest to the wooden spoon game at the weekend.  

Wooden spoon game no longer a dead rubber

How many people can fit in the stadium? The truth would be nice. 23,000 sold out? I was under the impression it was in excess of 30,000.[Abridged]


They had 5000 extra seats set up a couple of weeks ago - that would have been another $200,000 take at this weekend's game. Do the management ever think ahead? Do they realise they are throwing away ratepayers money?

Losing thousands

And don't forget they were coming back hard against the Reds in the other away game.

Super Rugby

I don't think the Highlanders pay more, but the players can live here for less and still have a decent lifestyle with Dunedin's vibrant culture. They end up with more in their pockets here than any other Super Rugby outfit in NZ through the low cost of living.

End of the day pay

What's the salary difference? General, er, ballpark figure. There must be a cash incentive better than the Blues incentive.

Why do they leave Auckland?

When I saw this I thought "Why ?!", then I saw Ryan Tongia play the next day.

Why ...
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