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Malakai's passing game in the last two matches has appeared and been pretty good, he deserves the praise he is getting.

Whoever has been tutoring Lima in 1st Five play deserves a big pat on the back, and Lima deserves high credit for listening and following through in practice - he looks like a very good five eighth this season, as opposed to a 7s player let loose in 15s from previous seasons. He could go far if he keeps listening.

Great game form the whole team  - they are not world beaters or comp leaders but if they play to their best ability then the fans will have great entertainment and will back them.

I thought the most stunning part of the game were the two clean tighthead strikes from the two Bulls hookers - this after we are being told that the new scrums makes it impossible for hookers to hook their own ball if it's rolled down the middle, amazing what can happen when postive play is encouraged instead of negative (and/or illegal) play.

Lots of good points

Wasn't gifting these people a stadium enough? Now they want us to bankroll their team. Get lost. Leave the ratepayers in peace.

Leave the ratepayers in peace

QsRC, how do you know? Are you a covert market researcher with collated reader opinion?

Arbiter of onliners

Close the Art Gallery, Moana Pool, Town Hall the works! people have fun at them to! Might as well can Christmas too, that's fun as well. 

Pay for you own fun?

Why dont you guys get together somewhere and thrown around you "witty" jokes. ODT readers dont want to read it.


No, Mike Stk, you misunderstood me.  But you raise an interesting point, "we should buy the Highlanders and use them instead to dig out our blocked and collapsed sewers.... [but that] will simply result a lot of standing around and complaining."  
The old-time unpaid sportsmen had to support themselves by working for a living, and even their training was unsophisticated by today's standards.  Now their bodies are trained to the max for one type of activity.  This is not the same as general transferrable strength and fitness, any more than gym-fitness building muscles to display on the beach is.  It was a cause of some mirth when a friend's neighbour, a "personal trainer", was as much use as a chocolate teapot "helping" to get a heavy old stump onto a trailer.  
In the end the woman and her small-built mother succeeded without him, leaving him to display his toned and terrific muscles in areas where it was appearance not functionality that mattered.  He couldn't lift real-life heavy things in a real-life situation, nor did he have a clue about levers, ramps or any of the other practicalities that old-fashioned men (and women!) knew about and used in their real unsheltered lives.

Narrowly fit and strong

Hype: I think I see what you're getting at ... because we've taken all the money that we should be using to repair and replace our aging sewerage system to build a rugby stadium we should buy the Highlanders and use them instead to dig out our blocked and collapsed sewers.

I can see how that could save us money by closing the stadium, but I suspect using a bunch of prissy overpaid players who are seemingly unwilling to play outdoors, unlike the great players of the past at the house of pain, to do actual work will simply result a lot of standing around and complaining.

I think I understand

Mike Stk writes, "if there really are Highlanders  fans who care about their team then they'll buy them, if all those fans don't really exist then they won't."  

The chronic money problems the Highlanders have, despite an awful lot of propping up from the public purse, suggests to me that a once highly valued "product" has had its day and may have become a minority interest.  There was a time when nobody could imagine life without the lamplighters who went around providing street lighting to make towns safer and easier to get around in.  And as for the nightcart men, before sewage systems and modern toilets imagine how foul smelling and disease ridden the towns would have been!  

But times changes, and fortunately no council decided that these jobs must be subsidised when they were no longer relevant, otherwise we would still be paying for them.

Lamplighters, nightcart men.....

But surely the Highlanders have tens of thousands of Dunedin fans who would do anything for their team, or so we're told. This sounds like yet another case of rugby expecting the rest of us to pay for their fun.

As I said below, the Highlanders selling shares is the perfect way to go, if there really are Highlanders  fans who care about their team then they'll buy them, if all those fans don't really exist then they wont.

Certainly there's no reason to hit up the rest of the community who don't want to pay for the Highlanders and are already subsidising them to the tune of millions of dollars by providing them with cheap use of the money losing rugby stadium.

Frankly if the rugby people don't really care and the Highlanders go, and the rugby stadium closes, we'll all be better off because DVML will be losing less money than they are now and our rates will go down.

Save us some money, pay for your own fun

Mmmm, not sure how this is sports news. But sad to see yet another Pro Wrestler die too young. 

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