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Unless your are 100% consistent the last three years means squat if you lose your last three games of 2015.

Tournament rugby is a different beast. It's been great watching a brilliantly consistent and skilled team but not being the best team on any of three days next year is a different matter.

It's been a great show

Did his father not also play for Otago 2nd eleven at cricket as well? I'm sure he played against my brother who played for Auckland.

Well done Taylor

The reason I'm critical of the All Blacks performances this year is because the selectors are choosing defensive players with no attacking abilities. Jane, Nonu and Dagg were the best players in their positions in the world a few years ago but in the last two years their play has been abysmal.

In 16 tests this year against good teams, England, Australia and South Africa, they have only scored a miserable 2 tries between them, and have only made just a few line breaks. Carter is the same. He's still the one of the best goal kickers, but his running offence has diminished. Sonny Bill Williams is great against weak teams like Tonga, Japan and the USA, but against Aust. and SA he was very ordinary. In the world cup quarter, semi and final, he had 0 off loads, 0 try assists, 0 line breaks and 0 tries. In fact he couldn't even make the starting team for the semi and final. It's 1991 all over again.

From the winter of 1990 to the semifinal of the world cup, in 5 tests against Australia and 1 test against England, the entire AB back line only scored just one try. There were a lot of silly excuses as to why we couldn't win that cup, but the fact is the selectors didn't spot the weaknesses in the backs. Fekitoa is clearly the best second five we have. In, I think, four tests he has started, he's already scored two tries, including the winner against Australia. Ben Smith is best at fullback, and either Cruden or Barrett will do at first five. You can't question either their attacking or defensive skills. lf we can just find a decent winger to replace Jane at right wing, I'll believe again. If the NZRU continue to be loyal to these selectors, then I'm certain we wont win next year. I've seen it all before.

All Black selectors failing

Yes our opponents are nt far behind the All Blacks and an off day come the World cup final or the Semis could see us beaten. That's the way it should be. But let's have some respect for an outstanding rugby team. Only one dodgy penalty in Pretoria broke the All Blacks' unbeaten run in The Championship. The name of the game in all sport is to find a way to win. Last time I looked Richie and the boys were still doing a damn good job on that front.

Still the champs

I must disagree with previous comment. You don't need to win the world cup final by a country mile. You only need a one point advantage. Yes the other teams are as close to All Blacks as ever before. But that's what makes the competition more exciting. Why do we always expect the ABs to walk over the opposition? This level of competitiveness has added so much to the Internationals being played at the moment. Ireland beat South Africa who very nearly beat the ABs! Bring on RWC 2015 I say! And I really hope we win.

Must disagree

Unfortunately there appears to be an error within the record-keeping system. Roger Johnson's best 400m hurdle time is 49.7. This was set in Los Angeles on April 15, 1972. Thus, Roger Johnson still holds the New Zealand national record. Please see:

Fastest 400m hurdles time

Having players from abroad in the team each year can not have helped the financial situation. Why do we need to recruit these players when we have teams like Otago Boys winning the national secondary schools champs? These guys are the future of Otago Basketball. After a great 2 years in the NBL it is indeed a very sad day for Otago Basketball.

Sad day for Otago Basketball

Take a closer look at the All Blacks' performances this year then tell me we have a chance of winning the world cup then try to keep a straight face. We struggled to beat England in the first test earlier this year, scoring a late try, breaking a 15-15 deadlock. In the next test, England totally dominated the final 20 minutes, and would have won only to run out of time. The first test in Australia was drawn 12-12 then the second was only won with a conversion after full time. Against South Africa at home, the looked like beating us until inexplicably and meekly their player was pushed into touch meters from the goal line then we lost away in SA. Finally at Twickenham on the weekend, England gave away certain victory by playing silly buggers in the second half.

When you're two points behind and have a one man advantage, you don't continually kick away possession because two things happen. Firstly, if you kick the ball to the opposition, you can't score points, get the lead back and win the game. Secondly, if you give them the ball, only they can score, and that's exactly what happened. Their game plan in the first half brought a try, excellent field position and a three point lead. It's actually a good idea not to change the original plan for the second half. In the first half, England only conceded 8 points and by giving the ball away in the second, the AB's scored another 16. The All Blacks just aren't dominating teams like they did over the last two seasons. We could easily have lost four tests this year. To win the world cup you have to win three tough quarter, semi and final matches, and the chances of the ABs doing this looks extremely remote.

Overrated All Blacks

Here's hoping the Volts reconnect to their power source for the remainder of the season! Already some tough decisions to be made by our new coach - but make them he must. Wooden spoons never look nice in a trophy cabinet.

Volts have short-circuited

Don't get me wrong, not a good look and pretty foolish for someone in his position to smash through a door while having it filmed on a mobile phone. However, what stood out to me in this article was the fact that the team had to leave the Wingatui Races due to the drunken antics of some students, and that their hooker had "never seen as many drunk people in all his life".

Yes yes, I know the English drink too, and heavily blah blah, but you really do have to wonder how, as a society, we have allowed our bad booze culture to reach epidemic proportions. It is about time we stopped referring to 'drugs and alcohol' with the inference alcohol is not a drug, and therefore by implication less harmful and damaging. The reaction to synthetic cannabis was borderline hysterical, some would say rightly so, yet the fact a teenage girl died in Timaru only a few weeks ago from alcohol poisoning after a party with friends was barely noticed.

It's a strangle old world at times.

League player door incident
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