Mini world cup huge fun

It may feel like too little, too late for football fans in Brazil.

But ''Brazil's'' 1-0 victory in the final of the Mosgiel Junior Football Club Midgets Mini World Cup was cause for celebration for the children in the team.

Mosgiel Junior Football Club midgets co-ordinator Sally Hicks said the event, which involved 42 children playing for eight ''countries'', was excellent.

''It was amazing. It was a great day and the kids enjoyed it,'' she said.

More than 50 parents and supporters gathered to watch their children get their first taste of international football in bright conditions at Memorial Park on Saturday morning.

The children represented New Zealand, England, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands and Italy.

In a final befitting of England's story of footballing heartbreak, Brazil won 1-0 over the English.

''The final was amazing,'' Miss Hicks said.

''They were really good and they all gave 100% and the chocolate bar at the end of the day was a good incentive [to give their all].''

It was the second time she had organised the event and was a ''wonderful'' culmination to the season.

The tournament involved 4-6-year-olds and they were ''all superstars at that age''.