Greater transparency in Australian refugee camps

Investors in the company that runs Australia's secretive refugee camps are starting to flex their muscles in a way that may achieve what refugee advocates and politicians have failed to for years - greater transparency and oversight.

Fire clean-up to continue in Adelaide

The clean-up will continue in Adelaide's central business district after a fire destroyed a martial arts academy, closing roads and forcing the evacuation of city buildings, including a major hotel.

Tough new laws for Victoria sex offenders

People accused of serious sex crimes will find it harder to get bail and there will be increased scrutiny of sex offenders living in the community under new laws being introduced in Victoria.

Queensland court to hear 'fake nurse' case

A man accused of pretending to be a nurse in two states is due to appear in a Queensland court after he was found wandering in the Northern Territory outback.

Queensland flu season 'worst on record'

Queensland flu season 'worst on record'

Queensland is in the midst of its worst flu season on record with a prevalent strain not included in this year's free vaccination programme.

NSW bans e-cigarettes sales to minors

Selling electronic cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18 in NSW is now illegal.

Boy dies in Queensland fire

Boy dies in Queensland fire

A three-year-old boy is dead and his parents and two siblings are in hospital after a unit fire at Beenleigh, south of Brisbane.

Tasmania murder accused to face court

A man charged with murdering his estranged wife is due to face court in Hobart today.

Girl loses hand in dog attack

Girl loses hand in dog attack

An eight-year-old girl has had her right hand amputated following a dog attack near Newcastle.

Ugly scenes at mosque protest

Many of the protesters who took over central Bendigo over the controversial construction of a mosque travelled from Melbourne.

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