Police investigate terror raid complaint

Victoria Police have defended the handling of counter-terrorism raids in Melbourne after confirming they will investigate a formal complaint officers mistreated one of the five young men arrested.

Search continues for missing Queensland plane

Rescue aircraft have resumed the search for a pilot and plane that have been missing for two days in central Queensland.

Human remains found in Wollongong units

Human remains have been found by police in a unit block in Wollongong.

Lawyer to be sentenced for jealous murder

A Chinese lawyer who moved to Australia to marry the woman he loved will be sentenced for her murder.

In a jealousy-fuelled rage, Zhaoyun Wang stabbed 31-year-old Shan Wu with a kitchen knife more than 60 times in her home, before calling triple-0 to confess to the crime.

Disturbance at Darwin detention centre

Asylum seekers at a Darwin detention centre are reportedly blockading a compound to stop Iranian families being returned to Nauru.

The stand-off at Wickham Point detention centre began at 2pm on Wednesday, with the Refugee Action Coalition saying about 70 asylum seekers were involved.

It said a woman earmarked for removal was pregnant.

Australian model killed fighting with IS

An Australian man has reportedly been shot dead in Syria after joining Islamic State.

Canoeing scout group rescued on NSW river

A scout group on a canoeing trip on the Nepean River west of Sydney have been rescued by police after rough water damaged their canoes.

A 57-year-old man and five children aged between 11 and 15 set out in three canoes from Cobbitty towards the Bents Basin Recreational Park at around 8am on Wednesday.

Jobless rate stuck near 12-year high

The Abbott government will be hoping for favourable labour force figures to boost its pre-budget message.

Victorian terror tweeter to be sentenced

A Melbourne man who used Twitter to threaten to kill police and urge Islamic State to behead captives will be sentenced tyoday.

Elderly women spooked after Sydney assault

The neighbours of an elderly Sydney woman, who remains unconscious in hospital, are living in fear since she was assaulted.

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