Otago Boys High School senior prizegiving

Otago Boys High School held its senior prizegiving recently.

The prize list is. -

Joint duxes: Mostafa Amer, 1st calculus, 1st English, 1st French, 1st physics, 2nd chemistry; Andrew Dickie, 1st economics, 1st equal accounting, 1st equal statistics and modelling, 2nd equal calculus, commendations in chemistry & history.

Academic prizes
Year 13

Subject prizes: Harry Calverley, 1st media studies, 2nd equal classics, 2nd equal English, commendation history; Patrick Clancy, 1st geography; Samuel Dick, 1st classics, commendation accounting, statistics and modelling; Hamish Holland, 1st workshop wood, commendation agriculture; Liam Lockhart, 1st catering; Hamish Marchant, 1st graphics; Matthew McKenzie, 1st biology, 1st chemistry, commendation statistics and modelling; Oliver Scott, 1st equal accounting, commendation calculus, statistics and modelling; Ryan Shanks, 1st physical education; Lucas Stevenson, 1st German, commendation classical studies, English, history; Iain Sutherland, 1st art, 1st music, commendation classical studies, English, history; Kurt Thomas, 1st agriculture; Stephen Trebilco, 1st history, 2nd equal classics, 2nd equal economics, commendation calculus, chemistry; Adam Williams, 1st equal statistics, commendation accounting, calculus, chemistry, economics.
Good work: Nirav Agrawal, commendation biology, physics, statistics and modelling; Michael Arnold, commendation calculus, graphics, physics; Timothy Bathgate, 2nd geography, commendation biology, English, statistics and modelling; Ethan Carruthers, 2nd physical education; Kai Tang Cheung, commendation calculus, music, level 2 mathematics; William Dickinson, commendation chemistry, English, physical education, statistics and modelling; Jonathan Maxwell, 2nd music; Alex Murray, 2nd graphics; Sam Parsons, 2nd workshop wood, commendation physics; Joshua Ritchie, 2nd biology, 2nd physics; Seamus Ryder, commendation biology, chemistry, English; Cyrus Siew, 2nd history, 2nd equal English, commendation calculus, classical studies, statistics and modelling; Surapong Somrudeethaveekij, 2nd equal calculus, 2nd equal economics, commendation statistics and modelling; Felix Terpstra, 2nd media studies, commendation chemistry; Scott Woodhead, commendation calculus, economics, physics, statistics and modelling.
Commendations: Matthew Alai, biology, media studies; Johnathon Appleby, physical education; Luke Aston, workshop wood; Darren Coombes, art; Nathan Dunn, chemistry; Max Garbutt, accounting, statistics and modelling; Matthew Glassford, workshop wood, level 2 English; Carl Hunter, biology, classical studies; Hugo Inglis, English, physical education; Ryan Johnstone, calculus, physical education; Blair Kennedy, mathematics applied, workshop wood; David Logan, media studies; Paratene McLeod, mathematics applied; Zhifeng Mai, calculus; Craig Millar, statistics and modelling; Hayden Miller, physical education; Bryce Morgan, physical education; Conor O'Fee, catering; Nikolas Papahadjis, geography, physical education; Henry Parker, physical education; Timothy Phillips, classical studies; Harlee Price, catering; Nima Purvis, physics; Nick Ross, physical education; Puditha Malinda Sirisekara, calculus, statistics and modelling; Thomas Smith, workshop metal; George Spittle, English; Louis Tili, mathematics applied; Paul Wyber, chemistry, physical education.