Climate change 'wake-up'

More than 100 people blew whistles, rang bells, and banged pots and pans in a noisy "wake-up call" protest in Dunedin yesterday over the Government's climate change policies.

Organisers said the 12.30pm protest at the Otago Museum Reserve was organised to coincide with International Wake Up Call for Climate Change Day as part of a global day of action.

The Dunedin protesters were frustrated by a lack of leadership from the Government over climate change, including a weak carbon emissions reduction target for the year 2020, and the recent "gutting" of the Emissions Trading Scheme, organisers said.

The protest was organised by the Dunedin branch of, an environmental organisation which is trying to reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, in the atmosphere from more than 385 parts per million to 350 parts per million.

Veteran peace campaigner Christina Gibb said more action was needed to counter a "very serious situation" over climate change.

In Oamaru, Bridget Ellis organised a piece of street theatre with Oamaru man Oliver Briggs in a bed in Thames St outside the Waitaki District Council offices, ignoring an alarm.

She said the alarm was a wake-up call for people ignoring climate change.

It was also a lead-in for events she is organising in Oamaru for the International Day of Action on Climate Change on October 24.