Restricted water supply at Lake Hayes

Property owners looking to connect to the Lake Hayes water and wastewater schemes, whose land is outside the original zoning, will have to make do with restricted water supply.

That was the answer to a question from Cr John Mann during yesterday's Queenstown Lakes District Council infrastructure services meeting, as to whether a decision made yesterday would mark the "first departure from the value of service" supplied at the estate.

The discussion came while Trinity Development Alliance's request for an extension of the Lake Hayes water and wastewater schemes for three properties outside of the scheme's existing zoning was discussed.

Approval for connection was granted for the three lots, but because of stress on the Lake Hayes water supply during summer, it carried the caveat of a restricted supply.

When Gerry Essenberg, manager of council-owned company Three Waters, confirmed this, Cr Mann said the council would have to send a signal to future developers of the restrictions.

They would be restricted to accessing 2.1cu m of water a day, and being at a high elevation, would find their supply limited during peak demand.

During these periods, on-site tanks will "enable them to manage their own consumption".

Mr Essenberg said the restricted supply was still about three times the minimum required in New Zealand.