The Catch-A-Fish experience

Having fun catching fish on the Maru.
Having fun catching fish on the Maru.

Hampden entrepreneurs Bob Williams and Lesley Hale are so keen on sea fishing they made a career change to it ten years ago.

Catch-A-Fish Moeraki was established in 2001, when Mr Williams and Ms Hale decided to switch from sharemilking to operating registered chartered fishing tours off the North Otago coast.

Their boat, Maru, takes groups and individuals out to sea, in good weather only, for a complete recreational fishing experience.

People charter the Maru for a number of reasons, and not only to fish, Ms Hale says.

‘‘You're trying to give people an enjoyable day experience. It's not just the fishing; it's going out there and having an enjoyable experience.''

Mr Williams found the ideal occupation when the couple made the lifestyle choice of coastal Hampden from which to run their new business. ‘‘He is a keen fisherman. It's the ideal job, if you love fishing, to go out for your job and share the enjoyment with other people.''

Catch-A-Fish Moeraki offers a package deal in conjunction with the Hampden Motel and Tavern just up the road in Hampden on State Highway 1, north of Moeraki.

Visitors can dine at the tavern and stay at the motel before rising early next morning to venture out to sea on the Maru from Moeraki. A cut lunch is provided.

Catch-A-Fish Moeraki is flexible about the time of departure and the number of people it can take seafaring.

‘‘Particularly over the summertime there are family groups you can combine, and we don't have a set time,'' Ms Hale points out. ‘‘Normally we go out early in the morning to get the fishing in before the wind comes up.''

Local expert knowledge of the best fishing spots means you are almost guaranteed to catch a fish.

Anyone going out on the Maru with Catch-A-Fish Moeraki needs to be prepared. ‘‘They need to take warm clothes and probably something to eat or drink.''

For further information, contact Bob Williams or Lesley Hale: phone (03) 439-4690, cellphone: (027) 222-4867. Email