Frisbees tee off

Frisbee fans had a nervous wait at the Wanaka Community Board meeting yesterday to see if their hopes for a disc golf course at Lismore Park would fly as board members re-debated the merits of the proposal.

After some lengthy discourse about whether to allow frisbee golf to take place, because of perceived inconsistencies between park management plans addressing Queenstown and Wanaka reserves, board members voted unanimously in favour of the proposal.

The Wanaka Disc Golf Club's plans for an 18-"hole" frisbee course through Lismore Park has created contention among some Wanaka groups, because the activity was deemed contradictory to the reserves' "passive" nature.

Board members Jude Battson, Mike O'Connor, and Ken Copland decided the use of Lismore Park for frisbee golf was an appropriate recreational activity, which would not compromise the open character and largely passive nature of the big reserve.

Wanaka Disc Golf Club president Martin Galley said the final rubber-stamping of plans to construct the course was "awesome".

"We're all very excited to be able to get on with starting a fundraising drive to get everything under way," he said.

The club has to raise about $25,000 to construct the course around Lismore Park.


Frisbee Golf growing in popularity

More than 12 years ago my brother Glenn was among those who started up Frisbee Golf in the Queenstown Gardens.

Glenn died 9 years ago next Sunday, April 24, but he would have been thrilled to see how the sport he helped to pioneer has grown in popularity and general community acceptance.

I look forward to trying out the Wanaka frisbee golf course when I'm next there.