Mon Paris by YSL

I have an affinity towards Paris.

Despite never have actually been there, I hold an idealistic (and cliché) view of what the city might be like.

I envisage narrow cobbled streets and cosy terraced apartments. I imagine beautiful Parisian woman, with jewel encrusted fingers curled around champagne flutes, gazing giddily into their lovers eyes.

I’ve clearly seen way too many rom-coms!

As I have such a vivid imagination it wasn’t difficult for me to be swept away on a romantic journey to the city of love with YSL’s intoxicating new fragrance, Mon Paris.

It’s opening notes are deliciously fruity, featuring summer berries and pear.

The sweetness is counter-acted with a heart of intoxicating datura flower, underpinned by a base of three different types of musk.

It’s my absolute new favourite fragrance for everyday-fruity and feminine with dark undertones.

Highly recommended!

RRP: $115 30ml

Warning: Contains pretty people pashing!

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Parfum. I once lived in a Northern city with a 'parfumerie'. Unlike your choice, the scents were distilled from the musk of whipped civets. This I did not know. Browsing the classic European range (not really suited to our climate), I was spoken to by the retailer "Mr B, thank God you're here. We have the new Jacomo for you to try".

Very strong. Suffice to say I have vague memory of the testing ritual. Apply to wrist pulse points, fan to dry.

The Past is a foreign country, smelling of Grasse.