Farmers told to make most of smartphones

Wintec digital resourced eveloper Debbie Care talks about the benefits of applications on...
Wintec digital resourced eveloper Debbie Care talks about the benefits of applications on smartphones.
Dairy farmers took a leap into the technology area as they were introduced to being hands-on with their smartphones at the South Island Dairy Event last week.

Wintec digital resource developers Marlene Williamson and Debbie Care told farmers to get to know their smartphones and see what applications their systems hold and what applications could be downloaded to benefit them in their industry.

''They have a tool in their hands and it can do so much for them,'' Mrs Williamson said.

A large amount of applications had been developed for download to benefit farmers, such as measuring the amount of effluent spread on to paddocks or accessing on farm figures through smartphones.

Mrs Williamson added that it was not only the downloaded applications that would benefit farmers, as they could also use their smartphones' existing applications to do things such as take voice memos or send group text messages to all of the farm's staff.

Farmers were told they needed to make their phone work for them.

Mrs Williamson and Mrs Care were also in the process of developing a program that would allow farm owners and workers to access day-to-day information on their smartphones.

While the program was being developed for a computer, it would also be accessible on the smartphone.

The programme would hold information such as what paddocks the cows were in, which herd was coming in for milking first - all information that was normally on the dairy shed's white board, Mrs Williamson said.

The benefits of smartphones on farms was large and farmers needed to utilise the asset that was ''always in their pocket''.

- by Nicole Sharp 

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