Happy days: event hailed a success

Despite poor weather and 38mm of rain on the Thursday of the event, the 2014 Southern Field Days were a ''huge, huge success'', a field days spokesperson says.

During the three-day event, 38,500 people passed through the gates, and 42,000 cars crossed the counters to see the 805 exhibitors, food stands, competitions and entertainment which were a part of the show.

Southern Field Days chairman Mark Dillon said feedback from exhibitors and the public had been positive, and it had been great to see more people at the event during the rain on the second day than the first, which had better weather.

''A lot of the public think it was great. Lots of feedback on the Facebook page was positive.''

Exhibitors at the event were happy, with ''really good'' sales, and any feedback, good or bad, was helpful, as the committee could learn from it, he said.

The new Cow House Construction Agri-Centre, being used for the first time, had showed its worth during the rain.

''It was really good to see the agri-centre going, that has been a lot of work to get that going,'' Mr Dillon said.

The general atmosphere of the event had been happier and more laid back than the previous event, likely a result of a better farming economy and less pressure on farmers, he said.

There was some disappointment, however.

Mr Dillon said there were difficulties with the mobile phone network, which had been a ''major pain'' during the event.

Telecom had said it would get the situation fixed for the next field days.

Over the next week, the committee would hold meetings with a number of different groups involved with the field days, while it was still fresh in their minds, in order to discuss the event and see if anything could be improved in the future.

- by Leith Huffadine 

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