Funding to combat greenhouse gas

Funding has been secured by the Pastoral Greenhouse Gas Research Consortium to continue research to find tools for mitigating greenhouse gases.

Industry partners have committed $2.3 million, which will be matched by the Government through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment over the next seven years.

The research work will be led by AgResearch along with other national and international groups.

A programme of activity was planned that would build on the knowledge already gained from investments in recent years, consortium manager Mark Aspin said.

That new work aimed to develop a suite of ready-made tools that would reduce greenhouse gases by 30% by 2030 while supporting the agricultural industry's growth targets of 2% each year, Mr Aspin said.

Together with funds contributed from consortium partner AgResearch, the annual research investment of $5.4 million would specifically focus on refining animal breeding tools for low emission livestock; identifying more low greenhouse gas feeds; identifying inhibitors that reduce ruminant emissions; developing a vaccine to reduce ruminant emissions, and understanding the productivity effects and enhancing the adoption of mitigations.

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