Positive tone to first South Island wool sale of year

The first South Island wool sale of the year opened on a more positive note in Christchurch on Thursday.

Buyers were keen to fill orders and new season’s lambs wool was especially sought-after as only limited volumes had come forward, PGG Wrightson Wool’s South Island sales team said.

Despite the depressed price levels, most wool growers had been prepared to meet the market  as 93% of wool on offer was cleared.

Crossbred fleece (30 to 33 micron) was 3%-5% dearer and 34 micron and stronger lifted up to 2%.

Mid micron (25 to 30 micron) wools were 1%-3% dearer on very limited volumes. Crossbred lambs wool  was 3%-5% up,  the finer micro styles most affected.

A range of prices. —K A Tisdall (Outram), 16 bales crossbred hogget AA, 32.7 micron, 79.4% yield, 351 greasy, 442 clean; Ithiel Ltd (Alexandra), one bale merino 4A, 14.7 micron, 69.4% yield, 1950 greasy, 2810 clean.

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