Research supports Blis effectiveness

An Italian research team's findings support claims made by Dunedin biotech company Blis Technologies regarding the effectiveness of its probiotic product in preventing ear and throat infections in adults.

The medical science journal Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy has published the findings of an Italian research team, which monitored 40 adults with a history of recurrent ear and throat infection who used Blis K129, or a placebo, for 90 days.

The research team demonstrated the product could prevent the recurrence of common ear and throat infections, such as strep throat and tonsillitis, by more than 83% in adults, Blis' chief executive, Dr Barry Richardson, said in a statement to the stock exchange last week.

''It is reassuring to us to know that Blis K129 has been independently supported as being highly efficacious in both children and adults,'' Dr Richardson said.

The Italian findings come two months after a similar research paper found regular use of the Blis K12 product by children could reduce the incidence of strep throat infection, including tonsillitis, by more than 92%.


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