Sony comes up trumps once again

When I say the Sony RDP-XF300iP music player is loaded with everything you would want in such a device, you will not doubt me after reading the next sentence.

Sony RDP-XF300iP

It's portable (with a rechargeable battery for up to six hours of use), has a power cord for wall charging, a 30-pin Apple dock, an audio-in port for non-Apple products, an antennafor FM radio and a wireless remote to control it all.

Oh, and it's equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology so you can pair it with another device and have them separated but still control it from anywhere in the same room.

The player is easily the life of a party or can be used for simple background music.

The clarity at high levels is outstanding and includes the comfortable bass levels, which are easily adjusted. A sound button on the top lets you scroll through audio choices of rock, pop, jazz, flat or vocal. These choices are displayed on a screen on the bottom left of the system, which defaults to Bluetooth when connected to a portable device. The battery level is also found on this screen. To tune FM radio (20 presets), all you do is press the FM button on top and use the buttons. An expandable antenna on the back helped get perfect sound from every station in my area. All the other controls are on the top, including power, track choices and the Bluetooth pairing.

Everything can also be controlled with the remote. The Apple dockretracts into the player when not in use and reappears with the press of a finger.

- Reviewed by Greg Ellman 


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