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 The Boy With Two Heads<br><b>Andy Mulligan</b><br><i>David Fickling Books</i>
The Boy With Two Heads<br><b>Andy Mulligan</b><br><i>David Fickling Books</i>
Richard Westlake is an 11-year-old whose beloved grandfather died nearly a year earlier while walking Richard home from school. As the story begins, Richard wakes one morning complaining of a lump in his throat and has difficulty breathing. His doctor examines him and sends him to hospital to have the growth checked, but the doctors there don't know what it is ...

When the phenomenal growth spurt ends Richard has a second, fully functioning head named Rikki: opinionated and outspoken, he is totally unlike co-operative and tolerant Richard. All might have been well if a pair of unscrupulous doctors hadn't wanted to experiment on Rikki, by removing him from the shared body.

The scene is set for plenty of action, some dark humour, the testing (to the limit) of friendships and suspense aplenty in Andy Mulligan's latest effort.

Get set for a bumpy ride as Richard/Rikki find out just who is friend and who isn't. Thoroughly enjoyable and thought-provoking.

- Rene Nol is a Dunedin reader.

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