Complaint against 'The GC' not upheld

A complaint about sex and alcohol consumption featuring on the much talked-about reality show The GC has not been upheld by the Broadcasting Standards Authority.

The eight-part TV3 series which followed a group of young Maori living on Australia's Gold Coast in Australia aired earlier this year.

The first episode, which screened in May, drew a complaint alleging the programme breached legal standards and children's interests in that it "glamorised heavy drinking and promiscuity which was inappropriate for broadcast at 8pm during children's viewing times".

In its finding the authority accepted that sex and drinking were present in the episode but these themes were consistent with its PGR rating.

"While there were brief sexual references, we agree with the broadcaster that these were sufficiently inexplicit for broadcast in a PGR timeslot, and that no sexual activity was shown. Similarly, the presence of liquor in the programme was not excessive."

The authority said none of the cast was drunk and they were all legally able to consume liquor.

The BSA's decision was not unexpected said Mediaworks publicity manager Rachel Lorimer.

"I think we're pretty unsurprised. We tend to let the decisions stand for themselves," she said.

The authority was also satisfied the broadcaster adequately considered children's interests in broadcasting the episode at 8pm during the PGR timeslot and that upholding this part of the complaint would "unjustifiably restrict the right to freedom of expression".

The BSA also declined to uphold the complaint that it breached the standard of law and order.

"While one of the participants had apparently acted out and broken some glasses, this behaviour was clearly condemned by the other cast members. The episode did not encourage viewers to break the law or otherwise promote or condone criminal activity."


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