Film review: You've Been Trumped

Director: Anthony Baxter
Cast: Michael Forbes, Donald Trump
Rating: (PG)
4 stars (our of 5)

Bellicose billionaire Donald Trump is an easily mocked figure, with his comedy hair and fanatical insistence that Obama was born in Kenya, but when he jets into your corner of the world wanting to impose his version of the good life on the locals the joke very quickly turns sour.

You've Been Trumped (Rialto) tells the story of Menie in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. It had a dynamic sand dune system that was classified as being of special scientific interest and should have been protected from development. Unfortunately, someone in the Trump organisation had the brainwave that a lot of Americans travel to Scotland to play golf.

The fact that they are lured by Scotland's historic courses did not stop Trump from muscling in on the action. In fairness to Trump there were plenty of people in Aberdeen more than happy to play ball with ''The Donald'' but a stubborn handful of landholders on the edge of the luxury development refused to sell and found themselves facing the wrath of a man used to getting his own way.

Director Anthony Baxter takes a fly-on-the-wall approach in this documentary letting each side's words and actions speak for themselves. Luckily, for an unwilling subject, Trump is remarkably free in spouting off at any opportunity.

Best thing: A timely reminder that small cities should beware property developers bearing gifts.

Worst thing: This covers 2006 to 2010, so a quick catch-up on recent events at the end would have been welcome.

See it with: A property developer.

 - Christine Powley


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