CD reviews: Bootsy Collins

One of funk’s most important, most eccentric artists, Bootsy Collins’ aim on this latest record was to "create a mystical monster born between a pee-hole and a[n] asshole".

It’s hard to judge how successful World Wide Funk is on those terms, but the bassist/singer-songwriter’s 9th solo album has plenty to offer.

Anachronistic at times, it’s still endearingly schmaltzy, with Kali Uchis’ delicious intonations, smooth rap from Blvck Seeds, and twinkling, Dilla-esque keys on Hi-on-Heels (co-written and produced by Snoop Dogg).

Collins’ relentlessly strutting bass and strangely sensual, commanding vocals shine throughout.

Nearly 50 years since his first band, Bootsy’s still got the funk. 

• Bootsy Collins. World Wide Funk. Mascot Records.
★★★ (out of five)

— Tara Joshi/Guardian News and Media

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