CD Reviews: Olivier Libaux

Olivier Libaux, the French producer infamous for arranging new-wave tunes in bossa nova style, tackles Queens of the Stone Age.

What shouldn't work, does the opposite.

Perhaps it's the strength of Josh Homme's compositions that allow themselves to be twisted or Libaux's selection of songs and arrangements, but hearing No One Knows given the '60s lounge-core treatment is cool.

In fact, all 12 songs here sung by a variety of female voices, backed by the subtlest of strings, keys and percussion would be the ideal accompaniment to a sophisticated dinner party.

  • Olivier Libaux. Uncovered Queens of the Stone Age. Music for music lovers.
  • Three stars out of five.

Single download: Medication
For those who like: Nouvelle Vague, Morcheeba, Queens of the Stone Age

- Mark Orton

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