Music review: Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy were one of the more affable acts of the noughties emo-pop explosion, with tongue-twistingly absurd titles, a Hemingway-obsessed lyricist in Pete Wentz, and a seemingly endless supply of melodic riffola that added ebullience to the eyeliner.

Their seventh album maintains the oddball charm, welding weapons-grade EDM to heavy metal riffage (Young and Menace), while synth-pop stabs and reggae splashes sit snugly alongside stadium-sized singalongs Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) and Church.

Though the lyrical outsiderdom and angst worked better when they were, well, angsty outsiders, it's hard to deny the quartet's manic energy.

  • Fall Out Boy. M.A.N.I.A. Island Records
  • ★★★+
  • Single download: WIlson (Expensive Mistakes)
  • For those who like: Weezer meets Yeezus

 - John Hayden

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