Music Review: N*E*R*D

As a playground for Pharrell Williams and co.’s more outlandish impulses, N*E*R*D were  an engaging proposition, blending bleeps and bloops with heavy metal riffage and a weapons-grade falsetto, before descending into slipshoddery in the latter half of last decade.

The trio’s first full-length in seven years sees a  return to  frenetic genre-splicing, energised  with pin-sharp politicising — the psychedelic surf guitar  of Don’t Don’t Do It belies the message (fury at police brutality, where Kendrick Lamar’s ferocious guest spot steals the show) — and A-list support from Rihanna, Andre 3000, and Ed Sheeran.

Single download: Don’t Don’t Do It
For those who like: Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Outkast

— John Hayden

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