Music review: Two Cartoons

Two Cartoons riff their way through a quartet of songs in new EP The Great British Hangover.

In the tradition of Don McGlashan, the songs present as conversational musings, shot through with whimsical observation; whether it’s the modern day slavery of the hospitality industry or the lives of raindrops.

Dunedin duo Brad Craig and Isaac Macfarlane fire the lyrics back and forth while Craig piles on the reverb-heavy guitar hooks.

There are moments of fair dinkum Dunedin Sound, but the lightness with which Two Cartoons approaches their  art means it’s wry and entertaining rather than reverential.

Two Cartoons. The Great British Hangover. Independent.

• ★★★★ (out of five)

Single download: Tyrannosaurus A.I.
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— Tom McKinlay 

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