Simon Barnett talks wife's seizure: 'It was beyond awful'

Simon Barnett. Photo: supplied
Simon Barnett. Photo: supplied
Radio star Simon Barnett has spoken for the first time about his family’s heartbreaking ordeal following a seizure by his wife Jodi.

Barnett, who has been off-air since early May, called into his radio show and teared up while telling his co-hosts and listeners that the incident has put things in perspective for him.

“I can tell you now from first-hand experience, not a car in the world, a trip in the world, a house in the world, not any single material possession that you care to name matters one single jot when you face losing someone.”

Jodi suffered a seizure at the beginning of May and doctors found two lesions on her brain.

Barnett explained it all began on a lazy weekend morning at home.

“We got up and we were just talking and then Jodi had quite a substantial seizure … it was beyond awful. We got an ambulance and rushed to hospital and got some scans and it showed two tumours. So we weren’t sure what that was, then two weeks ago Jodi had a significant brain operation.”

“They successfully removed the lesion from the left-hand side of the brain which had caused the seizure and the doctors words were, ‘It couldn’t have gone better.’ So we were very hopeful that it was going to be benign, but it turned out not to be. It was malignant so that was really confronting.”

Simon says the road to recovery for Jodi will be long, and she’s set to start radiation therapy in two weeks, following by six months of chemotherapy.

“The radiation oncologist is very hopeful… but obviously (it’s)very scary times and we didn’t want to know about the prognosis or anything like that. My daughter is a med student and she looked online and she said there [was] some amazing success stories. So we are holding on to each one of them.”

We wish you and your family the very best for a healthy recovery.

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