Plenty to delight the little ones in fantasy tale

Elizabeth Bouman
Elizabeth Bouman
This year the Taieri Dramatic Society is celebrating its 70th year with two locally-written productions.

The first, aimed at younger patrons, is written, designed and directed by Brian McCormack, a long-time stalwart of local music and drama.

The Dragon Princes brings to reality the dreams of two students who doze off during a school visit to a museum, and are transported back in time and through the history of the ancient Kingdom of Tyrania.

As they move through an enchanted forest, Timon (Hannah McCleery) and Rosnan (Bella Bates) encounter many creatures who have come under the spell of the evil Faraniche (Heidi Rixon).

Fairies, butterflies, birds, a charmingly be-whiskered gnome and of course dragons feature in an easily followed storyline.

The cast of 17 included several ``first-time-on-stage'' performers, and the simple plot unfolded without a hitch, with confident character roles maintained throughout.

But it was the outstanding colourful costuming (Ama Veltman), props and backdrop scenery which really carried the production, in a performance which effectively turned believable pages of a storybook.

Big framed paintings of Mona Lisa and The Laughing Cavalier, huge playing cards and an enormous spider in its web were exceptional in their detail.

Scene changes were swift and unobtrusive in blackout with familiar classical orchestral music.

The Dragon Princes is definitely for the younger theatre-goer, and the opening night audience had children in the 5 to 8 year age group absolutely riveted throughout.

The production continues this week with early evening starts and matinees. 

 - Elizabeth Bouman

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