ODT Sports Chat

ODT Sports Chat - Paul Dwyer chats to different sporting groups around Dunedin.

Basketball - Men's Premier Competition

PD is back at the Edgar Centre for ODT Sports Chat catching up with Men's Premier Basketball and where the competition is at. We get up close and personal  with the St Kilda Saints v City Rise Bombers middle of the table clash and we talk to the winners at games end. Stay with and find out who the games best player was.

Netball - 100 Yrs in NZ

PD is back out at the Edgar Centre talking Netball. He finds out we are celebrating a 100 years of Netball and there is a function presenting Centennial Service medals to some of the great volunteers. He talks to some of the recipients. He also takes a look at the unbeaten TColl team and their match up with the Magpies. He talks to the winning coach and captain after the game.

Junior Hockey

PD is back at the Hockey turf in his second in the series on Otago Hockey for Sports Chat. He talks to Joelene Casey the Community Hockey Manager about the 100s of kids invading the Turf on a Thursday afternoon and how she controls them all. He talks to the coaches and managers and four of the wee kids teams about their hockey experience.


PD is back out at the Edgar Centre for the second of his series on grassroots basketball in Dunedin for ODt Sports Chat. He talks to Rebecca the competitions and officials manager about how you organise 140 teams  of young kids on a Thursday afternoon in a three-hour period without it descending into absolute chaos!

He also catches up with year 3 kids from Kaikorai and St Clair schools to dissect the game they played which ended in an 8-all draw.


PD headed up to Moana Pool for ODT Sports Chat to talk to Otagos’ newest Olympians Kane, Caitlin and Erika. To be fair he was more interested in where coach Lars Humer was, does Kane do his share of work around the flat and who demands their own lane more Caitlin or Erika? Find out if he gets the answers to  these big issues.


PD is back at the Edgar Centre, talking to Dunedin Netball GM Leanne Anderson about what is happening in Dunedin netball.

He is stunned to find out there is over 230 teams playing across all grades this year and unlike in club rugby, nobody is getting paid.

They do it for the love of the sport. PD also asks about the pathways to higher honours for aspiring netball talent.


PD takes on a couple of Otago Black Sticks in the goalmouth at McMillan Hockey Turf before he talks to head honcho Andy McLean about what is happening in grassroots Otago Hockey.

He tries to find out why they are the No 1 province in NZ and have been for the last two years, in this episode of ODT Sports Chat.


PD talks to Otago Basketball general manager Peter Drew about all the hype around New Zealand’s fastest growing participation sport.

Paul wants to know why there are 360 school basketball teams now in Dunedin alone, and yes that number is correct.

How does Otago Basketball cope with those numbers? Watch and find out.