A quality education is a gift for life

The next generation is growing up in a world full of promise, choice, and possibility.

Girls are going on to pursue as yet unimagined careers, and will face unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

At Rangi Ruru each girl is known as an individual and celebrated for her effort and achievement. The school specialises in personalised learning and will push your daughter outside of her comfort zone, where she can learn to fail as well as achieve and gain theĀ important skills of being resilient, coping with disappointment, and setbacks, but developing grit to be able to carry on.

Rangi Ruru encourage girls to take risks in their learning and to be innovative and entrepreneurial in their thinking. The dedicated teachers will challenge your daughter and will insist on high standards both in the classroom, their behavior, and how they presentĀ themselves and represent Rangi Ruru in all their endeavors.

At Rangi Ruru your daughter will have many champions who will believe in her, support, encourage, share her joys and disappointments, and allow her to be herself, an individual, a person of worth and a young woman who belongs.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a member of this vibrant, inspiring and supportive community.

For more information, please visit rangiruru.school.nz

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