Reach your goals . . .

Logan Park High Summer School offers a chance to gain those extra credits for UE.

Are you between 1-10 credits short of University Entrance, or missing your numeracy or literacy requirements for UE?

Logan Park High School may be able to help.

Logan Park runs a special Summer School for students wishing to gain a few extra credits for University Entrance. See their Summer School website ( or Facebook ( for details.

Students who are motivated to start tertiary studies can work quickly towards completing their essential credits.

Logan Park High School offers most subjects and flexible opportunities tailored to suit individuals.  Some students choose to study online and others can opt for face-to-face teaching time.

This is the third year the school has successfully offered Summer School with a focus on meeting University Entrance requirements.

Summer School begins the week of January 18, so check out the website to apply.

Logan Park High School also offers longer courses for those students who wish to attain University Entrance over a longer period.

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