So many opportunities . . .

Stellar performance . . . Logan Park High School performs its winning routine during the 2017...
Stellar performance . . . Logan Park High School performs its winning routine during the 2017 Otago Stage Challenge.
Two highlights from our Logan Park students this year were winning the Otago Stage Challenge as well as the Otago Rockquest finals.

Music and the performing arts are real strengths of our school, but we aim to cater for every interest of our students.

We offer an exciting range of subjects and opportunities, whether you are in year 9 or year 13 or somewhere in between.

We pride ourselves on meeting the individual learning needs of all students.

We are a friendly, safe and creative school community with a huge range of sports, clubs, activities and subjects to get involved with.

We have impressive NCEA results at all levels and more than half of our students achieve their NCEA with merit or excellence endorsements.

More than 75% of our year 13 students gain University Entrance and our NZQA Scholarship results every year are remarkable.

Our ex-students have distinguished themselves in almost every area: medicine, law, film, theatre, gaming, programming, construction, sports, academia, teaching, marketing, writing to name a few.

Whether you are into art, chemistry, maths, languages, film-making, technology, drama, sports or the environment, we'll help you design a course that challenges and excites you.

Whether you are an elite athlete or sportsperson or just want to play for fun or are somewhere in between, we have sporting opportunities for everyone.

We have inspiring and talented teachers and mentors to help you discover your talents and develop your skills across a diverse range of areas and interests.

We know that students need to feel happy and to belong in order to achieve. We work hard on making our school a caring, kind and inclusive community where everyone can find their place, make good friends and discover their potential.