Enough to make you itch

Head lice or nits are very common in children and, unfortunately, spread easily within schools.

While they can be annoying, they are treatable and should not affect a child's ability to attend school.

Anyone can get head lice and a clear sign your child has them is scratching, scratch marks or a rash on their head.

It is advised to check your children's hair every week for head lice, especially around the hairline, at the back of the neck, behind the ears, and on the crown. If you find lice or eggs, you will need to treat them.

Chemical treatments or wet combing are the usual ways to treat head lice (normal shampoo or soap won't kill them), talk to your pharmacist or doctor for advice.

To stop the spread, brush hair every day; don't share brushes, hairclips or hats (anything that touches someone's head); have short hair, or wear long hair in a ponytail; have children hang their clothes on their own hook at school and in changing rooms; treat everyone in your family that has lice at the same time; let the school know your child has been treated for head lice.